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Party president elections(November/December)

Day 1,820, 10:47 Published in Belgium Belgium by tommot

Party president elections.

These are the candidates:

Res Belgica has 5 candidates: JamesSmith, p0lluxx, Tyxy, mudduck95, GoopyPants

Bastards of Liberty Belgium has 4 candidates: ombrenoire, Serge Leclerc, Mabellene

Belgium for Belgians has 4 candidates: Kabouter_wesley, Manekemaan, Jofroi, xironn

All TOgethers has 1 candidate: Tony Clifford

The Om Party has 2 candidates: Hoso, Rock Belgium

H.O.P.E. has 4 candidates: Cosmic Dragos, wolf-stone,, DaJoXTeR, A Vegan

Neo-Research Party has 3 candidates: Ray Captain, Kaad, treymata

Supreme Syndicate of Elitists has 1 candidate: Cooke4444

Belgian Community Party has 1 candidate: Kylero

Belgian Labour Party has 2 candidate: Jens Leupe, Saneth Hill

Marxist-Leninist Belgium has 1 candidate: Zangetsu-osan

Choose your candidate carefully. He/she will be the voice of your party.

Please do vote and/or subscribe
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Cooke4444 Day 1,820, 11:40

Praise dictatorship
Praise SSE

Kylero Day 1,820, 17:20


tommot Day 1,821, 10:13


These 3 names have been added: Tyxy, treymata, Saneth Hill

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,821, 16:22

HOPE has another candidate. It's creator.. and that is me

Tyxy Day 1,822, 00:07

good luck for candidates! : )

tommot Day 1,822, 10:36

Added: mudduck, E Vegan

moved: GoopyPants from BoLB to Res Belgica

resigned: BrunoCND

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,822, 11:21

I vote for tommot

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