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Party President Election Report, eMalaysia MoIA March 2013

Day 1,943, 20:18 Published in Malaysia Russia by RyuYuki

O F F I C I A L--- e M A L A Y S I A N --- G O V E R N M E N T

During the last Party Election held on day 1942, we Ministy of Internal Affairs team manage to spot potential PTOer.

I would like to urge eMalaysia citizen if like to share any information related to security of eMalaysia please fill in this link or do msg me directly.

Report launched and here is the result. Over 6 potential PTOer, 4 have been permanent banned due to Multiple Accounts.

Below are the 4 account that have been permanent.

1. Zemmama

2. dzakGST

3. tfsapi

4. BNK Marinko

Minister of Internal/Internal Affair March 2013


FarhanIzzuddinIV Day 1,943, 23:04

bye2 multi ... wkwkwkw

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,944, 01:05

the multies will keep coming..

Fxal Day 1,944, 01:24

keh keh keh...

Fragreg Day 1,945, 13:43

eMalaysia and serb multies... a neverending story 😉

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