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Party Conference

Day 1,918, 10:02 Published in United Kingdom Australia by Send love to Plato

This Thursday 21st of February at 9pm, the Independent Alliance will be holding our first party conference. It will be held on our newly created IRC channel and to join all you have to visit the eUK official forums which you can find by clicking HERE and click on the 'IRC' on the menu at the top of the page (below the Union jack flag). When you get the option to just type in a nickname (best to choose the name you have for this game so we know who you are) and then enter this command

/j #independence

This will take you to our IRC home and you will find other Independent Alliance members there.

The conference will discuss and vote the brief constitution I have drafted and any changes you wish to see, also we will discuss (and again vote) and iron out our stance on policies. We also will be holding votes on everything from our new official logo to who you want as your party officials, I am not sure other parties policies with regards to officials as most Party Presidents choose who is placed in each role - Spokesman, Secretary general etc etc but at the Independent Alliance we want you to have the say on who has office in YOUR party. All discussions will be friendly and your input will be welcome.

We also will be hoping you will sign up to the official forums whilst you are there, to attend the IRC conference you do not need register...but...we hope that 10 members will be registered so we can have our own fully self moderated section of the forum. This will be invaluable to us as a community and I urge you to sign up and meet other like minded eRepublik gamers. Again I make no apologies for including the link again - Oficial forums

At the conference will will also establish a cut off date with regards to the eUK presidential elections which are held on the 5th of each month. Each Alliance member will have a voice and a vote on which direction the party will head each month, but obviously the 21st is too early so we will arrange a regular date each month for our Conference so this important issue can be included in future conferences.
I apologise for the conference being early this month but I hope you understand that we wanted to have the party up and running as soon as possible.

For March's decision we will arrange a date for a very brief meeting on which we can hammer out whether we will run our own candidate or which candidate we will back. Before that meeting you will receive a ballot via a PM so you will have ample choices on which to scrutinize.

This month has obviously arrived to early for the Independent Alliance, which is actually a blessing in disguise, but with our membership ranks increasing in size I am confident of approaching parties next month with regards to them graciously allowing us to stand on their platform in exchange for our support and votes. This of course will be decided by you, our membership, so you will not see important decisions being made without your consultation. I am confident that at least one party will be interested in allowing us to run and if our members approve we shall hopefully see our first Congress official.

The Independent Alliance wants you to be completely involved in all our decisions, this is not a closed party but YOUR party.

The Independent Alliance are proud to announce that our media fund is up and running. Not already have a newspaper? Saving your gold for training ground updates? Well even if you don't have any then we will fund anyone within the party so you can buy your own newspaper without using your own valuable resources. The content is completely down to you so do not feel you have to produce party material, there is literally no catch. The content is 100% completely down to you and you alone, and once you have published an article feel free to publicise it in the Alliance news feed and we will help vote it op and re-shout it.

So why wait? Contact Klurr...IT'S FREE!!!

So join the Independent Alliance today and don't be a lone voice amongst the many, afterall sometimes helping to build something from the foundations is more rewarding than turning up at the enD.

On Thursday we will be deciding what our logo shall be, I have created five for you to vote on. The decision will be down to whichever logo gets the most votes and I shall create an avatar from the winning logo. These avatars will be non-compulsory and completely down to you and even if you just want a standard non party avatar I will be willing to help if party members wish. The choices are as follows -






The decision will be taken at the conference via a vote. As always your vote counts in the Independent Alliance.

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to seeing you this Thursday at 9pm on our IRC channel- details at the top of this article

If you are level 29 and below you are entitled to free food from the government, you can apply here NHS APPLICATION by filling out the very simple form. The NHS scheme has no conditions and is open to all new players so please apply as every bit of help is important in your early career of eRepublik.



Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,918, 10:15

Nice ideas there

FightAndProduce Day 1,918, 10:23

A.) for Awesome 🙂.

Bohemond4 Day 1,918, 11:59

looks good mate! best of luck

can I come and spread the TUP propaganda on the 21st? : P

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,918, 12:13

I've just learned how to kick people from the room so be careful...though so far only Klurr has felt my toe up her arse

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,918, 13:38

It was lovely... do it again?

Dr Facepalm
Dr Facepalm Day 1,918, 12:19


Apsa Day 1,919, 08:33

V & S

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