Paratroopers Update - Please Read (Repost)

Day 110, 14:09 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is still seeking new applicants for paratroopers. The MoD plans on using the UK Paratrooper division in important strategic and tactical operations to defend our home country and our allies abroad. If you would like to be among the first to taste battle in eRepublik, apply for the Paratroopers today by messaging the Ministry of Defence account about your interests in applying. All that is needed is your UK citizenship and a strength level greater than 3. You will be funded for your weapons, medpacks, and moving tickets so there is no expense to you.

In addition, the MoD is currently seeking out one or two acting Colonels to help with the leadership of the Paratroopers. Once you have registered as a Paratrooper please get involved in the UK forums if you are interested in becoming one.


If you are interested in becoming a paratrooper, please note that you have not been registered as one unless you have specifically notified the MoD of your intentions. If you have simply added yourself as a friend of the MoD account, you have only been given a weapons bursary and have been listed as a soldier.


To rid any curiosity, 50.00 GBP has been given out to each level 4 paratrooper in order to purchase tickets and gifts which will be used as "medpacks". As we draw closer to March 28 I plan on giving out more money for tickets, however I am using my discretion to keep money away from inactive or hardly active accounts. Please stay frequently active if you are still planning to fight overseas.

It has been brought to my attention by Kaleb that some of you may not have received your tickets due to a glitch in eRepublik. Please insure that if you have been paid 50.00GBP for tickets that you have received your tickets after purchasing them. If you have not bought your tickets as of yet, please do so now to avoid a surge in demand come the end of March.