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Pakistan Media Contest - Voice Of Pakistan

Day 1,839, 12:20 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Saif Ali Khan

Hello dear Pakistani's,

I am Saif Ali Khan and i am starting a new contest here which is regarding our media activity, So what you guys have to do is make articles and it's up to you what ever you are going to put in that article and on 5 December i will go through each and every article and i will choose five article's based on their material and choose five winner's.

So what you have to do :

1. Make a new article.
2. Shout this article in your friends shout, vote and subscribe this article.
3. Post here with your article link.

1st prize : 20 Q6 Tanks
2nd prize : 10 Q6 Tanks
3rd prize : 10 Q6 Tanks
4th prize : 20 Q1 Pistols
5th prize : 20 Q1 Pistols

Shout This:
Media Contest of Pakistan

Saif Ali Khan
Press Director
Voice Of Pakistan



Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan Day 1,839, 12:21

So start up guys and have fun 🙂

TheJakal Day 1,839, 12:24


RL Pakistanii
RL Pakistanii Day 1,839, 19:32

too low incentive

vrsoldiers Day 1,840, 07:05


Zeeshe100 Day 1,841, 02:51


Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan Day 1,842, 11:55

No one took place in the competition seem's like no one interested in these type of things so contest closed no one won anything.

Thank you.

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