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P.N.-Report from Europe No.1

Day 1,789, 01:53 Published in Philippines Philippines by Kosingas01

Hello citizens of ePhilippines,as ambassador of ePhilippines for Southern and Eastern Europe I must report you about happenings there.

As you can see on this picture,Serbia attacked Bosnia and they won in the first battle.Montenegro declared war on Italy and they attacked Apulia.Albania still have one teritory in Italy and they will probably attack Macedonia.Two empires fell in water,and new is born.Serbia and Macedonia are in bad situation and Bulgaria is new emprire at the moment.They have taken Romanian teritores and attacked Russia.Cypus has attacked Egypt and Saudia Arabia,and Grecce took last Egypt teritory.Ukraine is again without teritories,and Moldavia is with every attack bigger.

Next report will come soon.





Lacon Yan
Lacon Yan Day 1,789, 01:55


kb1992 Day 1,789, 17:53

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Destroyer S87
Destroyer S87 Day 1,790, 09:47


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