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Overseas News item : Germany Helped Swede Party Gain Votes

Day 497, 21:27 Published in Australia Ukraine by Australian Warlord

Note : This item has zero importance to eAustralia but I considered it interesting.


"FRONT and Icehacker aren't a Swedish political party that was voted in by the Swedish citizens, in fact, FRONT and Icehacker has gained power thanks to an organized internal political takeover and their voters in elections where brought from outside, countries like Germany."

"Icehacker wasn't officially our puppet but he is so easy to fool and our plan was to make him walk into a trap where we could have the upper hand during a possible war with Sweden"

"But the political takeover didn't work and Icehacker was furious each time, he lost the elections over and over again even though we sent up to 30 - 40 voters every time. He came always running back to our IRC channel and screaming that we aren't sending enough people to support him and he screamed 'Moore, moore, moore!' all the time like a mad dog. But what could we do? He is just that guy that no swede wants to vote for. We even voted up his articles so it looked like he was more popular than he really was."



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