Over There - A Victory in Canada is a Victory at Home

Day 610, 11:52 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

22 July, 2009, Day 610 of the New World - Rounds shook as Q5 shells landed all over the roughed terrain of what used to be Juneau, Alaska. The Canadian flag flying beside the American flag was hole-ridden; relatively whole when compared to the charred Ol' Glory. The eUnited States Airborne had landed in Alberta just moments earlier grabbed a train with godspeed to the Alaskan front just in time - 30 minutes until the battle would be declared won or lost.

The PEACE Coalition was being pushed back, and as I gained sights of one Russian I took fire with my standard issue Q1. We were gaining ground, but it seemed like the Russians and Indonesians just kept pouring into the city. A Canadian soldier stood in a foxhole, pinned down. He had a far better quality weapon than anyone within noticeable distance, but when against four opponents rushing down anyone could had been outgunned. Pairing up with someone from another platoon, Lt. Bearsfan30, we rushed to the hole yelling out the Airborne call - "boo-yah!" Firing wildly, I was blinded by the flash of lights and crack of the PEACE firearms. Feeling a searing burn, I hit the mud sliding. I was picked up by Lt. Bearsfan to see that I had been hit in the thigh, losing at least twenty wellness. He was not unscathed either, as I swear his entire left arm was bloody and crooked.

The Russians were nowhere to be seen and the Canadian laid wounded, but alive. We dragged him out of that hole and brought him all the way back to the Alberta hospital. By the time we returned, we were unable to fight and were out of weapons. The battle was raging, and in chaos. Juneau was a massacre of blue blood staining the land with buildings collapsing.

Then, the tanks came. Flying over the mountain tops, Romanian, eAmerican, Finnish, and other allied armored divisions arrived loaded. Firing wildly, the Russians with what little allied support they had were pushed back substantially. The wall was rising from a meager 18,000 that myself and Lt. Bearsfan helped push to maintain to a prideful 70,000 in less than 20 minutes time. The last ten minutes were the most beautiful since the Battle for Central Greece.

A coordinated allied push, against the Russians, with no PEACE tanks to be seen for miles. Five minutes remained, and the battle seemed ours until Hungary made their move. Helplessly unarmed, I watched from a hilltop as the masses of Hungarians piled up their double-digit damages and occasional heavy artillery fire - by now the Allied tanks had ceased.

The wall was high and strong, five minutes left. 5:10 minutes rolled around, the Marines came from the shores. Joseph Schmo led the charge, his screaming loud obscenities an unmistakable trait. Our tanks then began again, Pearlswine and Emerick, firing from the heavens to hit the Hungarian and Russian push below.

By the time 3 minutes hit, it was a clustersize=10]explicit[/size of tanks firing at tanks. Allied v. PEACE. Pearlswine, Emerick, RopeTot, Falling Moon, Zappa, all flying the flags of defense and liberty against the PEACE Coalition. Famous PEACE tanks soon entered to meet guard, Euphonix being one of them. With a minute left, the battle dropped to 38,000. Secured, but barely.

When the clock hit 00:00, an explosion rocked the entire city. Pearlswine rose as the battle hero and the wall stood strong: Just shy of 40,000. PEACE was in full retreat, tails between their legs.

The Airborne cheered in unison on top of the hill, many of us wounded and scarred. As the tanks pulled out of the secured city, their metallic sides stained black, we saluted their bravery. The eUnited States, the entire Allied Coalition, had won the battle for Alaska.

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To Do List:

Check out Indestructible, by Disturbed - it should be our tanking division's theme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVL9PD3sN7M

Cheer for victory, but stand guard. Current orders are to attack Nevada (try looking up how to spell it), but are apt to change at a moment's notice. Always wait until your last log in to fight. These orders were last updated at 11:54 eRST, Day 611.

Get prepared for congressional elections and start looking at your candidates. It is only in three days! If you are interested in helping the eUnited States Air Force, see any of the advertisements on the right of your screen for more information.

-Jewitt, Chief Editor