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Outsourcing Our Laborers to China

Day 1,872, 12:15 Published in North Korea North Korea by Laventi

Recently The Cause decided to ask several Presidential candidates their view on minimum wage, but only one responded to the polite questioning by The Cause. His name is KevinYu and here is what he had to say on the topic.

(The following text was taken directly from the instant messaging system and was in no way, shape, or form edited)

Interviewer: Greetings, if elected President will you raise the minimum wage and how high would you raise it?

KevinYu: You know i am a congressman, if I wish would have propose a law already.To speak frankly, I will keep current wages as usual. Anyway, thanks for your msg and have a nice time there.

Interviewer: What is your reasoning out of curiosity?

KevinYu: No comments. If you need a higher salaries, I suggest you fly to eChina and apply one in the job market.

Based on the previous conversation, The Cause is greatly against the election of KevinYu as President of North Korea. He will not raise minimum wage and he wants North Korean workers to move to China to work instead of working within North Korea. North Korea cannot have a leader that sends our labor to other countries when we direly need such labor at home. A worker cannot help North Korea by living and working in China. A worker who has to move to China to work will live in China while he or she is working. This means that their money will be spent in China and will in no way, shape, or form benefit North Korea. A citizen who works in China, but is a North Korean citizen is a North Korean citizen in name only.




wenove reborn
wenove reborn Day 1,872, 22:52

If raising minimum wage is the solution, I guess congress had done it already.In fact, raising minimum wage will pull away jobs coz in NK, businessmen cant make any profit.

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,873, 06:14

Congress is terrible. Raising minimum wage IS the solution.

wenove reborn
wenove reborn Day 1,873, 18:47

so,tell me how to attract more businessmen here to provide more jobs. Without enough jobs, it is pointless to say raising minimum wage is the solution

KevinYu Day 1,874, 23:43

You should have told me this is an interview, maybe I can show sth different to you.

And, I don't think it's polite to publish private msg without authorization, do you agree with my opinion?

FengDe Day 1,874, 02:29

@Amphibole. Citizens can put jobs on the market themselves with a decent wage attached. You don't need a Government or foreign businessmen to do it for you.

wenove reborn
wenove reborn Day 1,874, 03:57

@FengDe So where is the profit? Citizens put jobs on market and without profit, can it be a sustainable loop and improve the living environment? Of course, it is none of the business to government because nothing can be done to improve the situation. It is a business for businessmen, not only foreign one, but also local businessmen because they are the income of the government ,the water of life to the people in NK.

P.S. It is not a permitted to publish any private message on the newspaper, as i know

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