Our Queen: Miss CoT 2012!!! - Final results

Day 1,857, 16:07 Published in Chile Argentina by Pescaman
Ladies and gentlemen, friends and fellows,

OCB Productions is glad to announce that the people have voted and have electe😨 We have a Queen.

Thanks to all the candidates. Their sympathy, attitude and beauty are an inspiration for all of us.

And now, the results of votations are:

THIRD PLACE!!! (and a reward of 100 Q7): MISS LITHUANIA, malfame!!

SECOND PLACE!!! (and a reward of 200 Q7): MISS MACEDONIA, MissPaunova!!

And finally, the winner (and a reward of 300 Q7) is......


Shine Shoes: Congratulations by your election!!!!

Please, tell us more about you,

-You are 20 years old, ¿Could you tell us some of your dreams for your future?.

Well... Most of all I dream of happiness and love : ) Having a good family and a joyful life. I don't really need much.

-You said like cooking, drawing and dancing: Please, tell us what is your best recipe? and ur favorite music or artist.

Haha, my favourite recipe is the one that my grandmother though me for the first time.

Grandma's cake :

You nee😨
3 eggs
2 and 1/5 tea cups flour
1 tea cup sugar
baking powder
3 (small) apples
baking soda
150g. butter
and Love 😉

For the instructions please PM me.

I like all kinds of music but most of all I enjoy rock and roll and maybe some jazz : ) I like Staind, AC/DC, Crossfade, Everlast and many others 😉

-¿What place of Bulgaria would you recommend to visit?¿Any tip or advice?
Ah, Bulgaria is such a beautiful country and has many great places. I think that it depends on what you like, but Bulgaria has it all: ski, seaside, mountains, villages, cities, nightlife, daylife, caves, dungeons, dragons... and so on. 😉

-You like healthy way of life and nutrition, i bet your heart is strong and healthy. ¿Could you tell us If your heart is busy or happy too?

That is such a sweet question!!! Yes, my heart is full of love and is now happy!

Lets' talk about some ER

-In your opinion, ¿who is the worst enemy and the best allied of Bulgaria?

I think that the worst enemy of eBulgaria has been eTurkey for a long time now. I don't like the reasons why it is so but I don't think it will change any time soon. Especially after the EDEN fiasco.

The best ally has been and I hope will always remain Russia. They have always fought for us, even when we were in different alliances, and they have always helped us in time of need. Sadly, they can't join us in CoT for many reasons but I hope some day we will again fight in one alliance side by side.

However, I think eChile is probably very close to eRussia as far as loyalty and friendship is concerned. Chile has always supported us and I've seen hundreds of Bulgarians take arms and fly to the other end of the world to fight for Chile. It's one of the few countries that have never betrayed us and I feel strongly that they never will.

-¿What do you think about CoT?

CoT was a long-time dream of my country. We've been through many alliances and in all of them a time came when our opinion was disregarded. We were considered a secondary voice in too many a 'brotherhood' and we thought it was time for a change. This is why we founded CoT on one chief principle - everyone's voice, small or big, is equal. I'm hopeful that as Bulgaria is one of the stronger countries in the alliance, we resist the temptation to disregard the smaller members. We sure know what it is to be the bullied one.

-Some time ago, Bulgaria+CoT tried to erase Argentine, after an intense campaing Arg+EDEN got the victory. Today Chile+CoT have the same chanche again, ¿Do you think this time we will have a Christmas gift and we will erase to Argentina?

I wrote a letter to Santa and I've been a very good girl all year, so I think he'll be generous 😁). And if Santa doesn't exist, CoT will still kick Argentina's ass.

-Finally, ¿any message for the people of Cot?

Dear CoT people, thank you for choosing me for you queen, to show you I am grateful I won't execute anyone for a month! My message to you is, In eRepublik keep the good friendships and don't take it too seriously. In real life cherish the ones you love and go crazy ones in a while.

OCB productions express its gratitude to all sponsors and supporters of this iniciative. In particular to all CP-COT wich contribute with different national contests to elect candidates for Miss CoT. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!