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Otyat "The Duck" Minister of the Economy Report

Day 1,844, 02:02 Published in Saudi Arabia Israel by otyat

Minister of the Economy “OTYAT” (Prince Mighty Duck), checking the finances of our Kingdom

Well as you all know at this stage (and if you don’t you do now) I am currently your Minister of the Economy ,… I am the “CASH DUCK”, …I am sitting on the top of the “GOLDEN EGG”, you get what I mean, and with this position …comes POWER,….comes RESPECT (lol) …. comes TITLES “Prince Mighty Duck” has a ring to it………. and you the “people” of eSaudi Arabia get a “trust-worthy” and “cute” Duck to be in charge of the economy (at least the spread-sheets) so you are in safe-hands………you can “trust” me!!!!. ……really, your money will be well spent.

Minister Otyat “LOVING” the people on the way to a council meeting in his new “Customised” Congress Car.

Now before I hit Riyadh tonight with my “Ducketts”, to enjoy the excellent “Night-Club” scene (….small Quack), the jewellery shops and the Car showrooms, let me give you a quick summary of our economy this week………..ready ………. Ok…….”We are doing fine”…………that’s it.

SUDDENLY: *Otyat gets a call on his “golden mobile phone from Venrick von Lucia*
Venrick: What the hell, kind of summary is that!!!!

Otyat: Hello, your excellency, may the ground you walk on “bloom with roses”, may your wives “pleasure your every moment” , may your chickens lay “eggs in abundance” , may your camels ………

Venrick: Listen here “Prince Duckie”, ………the people need more information about the economy, I want Numbers published, I want Graphs, I want transparency in Government,…. Our people demand this information… you understand!!!!!! …and what about my camels!!!!!!

Otyat: Ohhhh Ok, I understand loud and clear your Excellency…..and your camels!!!!!.....ohhh yeah may their humps be soft for thou royal buttocks……Good night your Excellency

*Otyat put’s the phone down and thinks!!!!!!..........of his “Ducketts” and how he can make them more transparent!!!!!!* and of course the Economy as well.




Dytowi Day 1,844, 02:23

voted bro 🙂

k.a.r.o.b.i Day 1,844, 02:24


eltoki Day 1,844, 04:41

V !

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,844, 05:06


I-G-D Day 1,844, 06:28

Voted. ; )

Cherruves Day 1,844, 07:43


hazem95 Day 1,844, 09:13

VOted good

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,844, 11:01

good job, mate 😉

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,845, 09:23


wars 7
wars 7 Day 1,845, 17:04


Anoir Guevara
Anoir Guevara Day 1,846, 13:06

VOTED ! we are going straight to increase our power with new fighters coming from all arabic countries ^^

our enemies must say GOOD BYE 🙂

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