Or Young Towers

Day 3,589, 11:30 Published in Israel United Kingdom by Kai Or

Hello everyone,

I already start work on my house program, my project talk about build 100 houses for citizens in a very much low prices then the houses on market. I know the reward will be almost nothing but i do this to help the players to make more money and have more fun.
30 Houses will be save for players lvl 1-28 they will get 30% discount for the houses cuz they are still new in this game that is why my program called "Young Towers". I know it is sound like a dream but this dream can be come true and i work about it does days for all of u 🙂

I have to share with u that i must say it isnt easy work, tens of thousands of dollars has spent about this program and i will be more then glad if someone will agree to join and help me with my project he will get a big reward after i will finish my program, who wanna take part with me and join my company "Or City" send me a message.
For players who wanna order houses i will take 10% discount if they will order 2 or more houses. This is a giant program and took long time to build it and now i will work fast and hard as i can to make sure many citizens new and older will get HIGH LVL TOWERS in a very small price.

I Adele Or Real Estate Entrepreneur and successful career woman offer u amazing offer that will bring u thousands of dollars so come today and join take part in a big thing that can bring a change.
So has i said to order houses, join my company, who wanna donate or just give any help in any other ways send me a messages and i just want to remember u all, this program never happend in eRepublik.

Thank u all 😃