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Opinions|More alternatives to free Singapore!

Day 1,850, 20:02 Published in Singapore Indonesia by Samuel Gan

Ever since the last article, we have realised that Singapore has been taken over by not one but two organisations--Indonesia and a bad government, who is only working for their own selfish interest, not for Singapore. We urge the government to be transparent and be truthful, and to serve the people! Otherwise, this would lead Singapore into a bleak future, the complete opposite of what the real Singapore is today! Meanwhile, another resistance--this time by the Malaysians to claim back Sabah from Indonesia. We could have an alliance with Malaysia also! And of course, we need a strong a good government, not the one we have now, to lift eSingapore out of this crisis! Drive out the Indonesians! Have a good government! Rebuild Singapore into a stronger nation!

Meanwhile, another Singapore resistance has started! Join us, regardless of race, language, religion and citizenship, to free Singapore out of this nightmare, into the peaceful, blissful and prosperity dream of Singapore! 🙂




BartSingapore Day 1,851, 06:15

We dont have enought people to create REAL government. So bettar that Singapore is Indonesian province than printing house...

Dytowi Day 1,852, 01:57

all government singapore is romanian

yuu silva
yuu silva Day 1,852, 02:15

we win the war,we should make singapore free from Romanian

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