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Operation: Lapland Freedom

Day 2,175, 03:26 Published in Hungary Hungary by Gaius Aquila

Lapland. It was the land of love and beauty. A place where people could live in peace and prosperity. It was a safe heaven for mankind, but something bad happened..

The people of Lapland cherished their God Plato and sacrificed a chicken, cut it's head down every Halloween night. For the sacrifice Plato defended Lapland from the dark forces. However, one Halloween night when the sacrifice was going to happen the chicken jumped out from the hands of the priest and ran away. They looked for the chicken for hours, but they didn't find it. They couldn't sacrifice another one, because the escaped one was the holy chicken..

Plato became angry.. Angry like never before! The people of Lapland knew that the end has come!

When the clock reached it's last minute of the day, suddenly the plasma shield generators stopped working! The whole region became undefended from the hordes of evil! In a few days all the cities and villages were conquered and the reign of dark emperor Kim Jong Dickus started!

All the people felt his cruelty every day. Millions died because of hunger, because the loss of their loves or the loss of their internet connection. Life was extremely hard at those times. There were no food, no online games and the price of bier was doubled..

As Plato saw the pain and suffering of his people, he decided to help them. He created Lana, a superhero half god and half naked woman to lead the Warriors of God and free Lapland! Three hundreds mighty warriors lead by the chosen woman appeared in the east at the sunrise.

Three hundreds of previously sacrificed headless chickens attacked the soldiers of Kim Jong Dickus. After several hours of heavy fighting, Lana grabbed Emperor Dickus at his third name and make him suffer like noone suffered in the world ever.

At the end of the day the headless chickens repaired the plasma shield generators and with Lana they disappeared in the fog..

The people of Plato continued to cherish their god and the sacrifice of the holy chickens never gone wrong in the future.

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