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Open Letter to the Ministry Of Communication!!!

Day 2,070, 04:06 Published in India Pakistan by Royal Nexus Arch I
Hello eIndians, Arch here 🙂

I am writing this to whoever is the concerned authority of the Ministry of Communication...[/b

Ever since i first came to this game i was concerned about only one issue that is the method of ingame chatting...!!!

But when my mentors told me to join them on mibbit i thought it was an unknown social networking site to keep our details in private but to my surprise i found it was an analog chat room wer all the things were screwed up..!!(in my view)

My concerns about this chat room is:

1.Lack of Privacy:
I mean any Damn spy or other kinds of External threat mechanisms can easily figure out wat the hell we are talking anyone is free to enter and exit...
I know the ruling high command may have a separate channel but for the others it is too unsafe out there...Many a times i encountered pakis and what not people from other countries...

2.Uninteresting place for Newbies:
Many newbies find it hard to find help there..they dont know who is online or whom shud they contact they just come and go!!!!...
This is the reason why i lost 25 newbies whom i invited to this game...Everyone has the same reason....

So please whoever is concerned authority of this department pls find a better place to chat and interact with our fellow countrymen...I mean no wrong to anyone or i am not writing this article to offend or degrade anyone...


Regards:{Royal Nexus Arch I}



Kushal Friggin' Agrawal
Kushal Friggin' Agrawal Day 2,070, 04:30

I agree. V+S.

Royal Nexus Arch I
Royal Nexus Arch I Day 2,070, 07:17

ty for ur support friend!!!

seki69 Day 2,070, 04:48

Agreed too , v+s,o/

Royal Nexus Arch I
Royal Nexus Arch I Day 2,070, 07:17

ty for ur support friend!!!

Broken1 Day 2,070, 08:25

I agree and thats why everyone who is trusted in eindia should be pm'd the channel # instead of a open article about it

Broken1 Day 2,070, 08:26


Anand Singh
Anand Singh Day 2,070, 08:34


Forter Day 2,070, 09:01

I agree o/

Ravi09 Day 2,070, 11:03

yes, i agree too, there should be a private channel where only the eIndians should be allowed

Xicor13 Day 2,070, 11:13

Yes but Ravi putting a password on a channel and then getting the newbs to log in with pass would be tougher and is tough as it is now as well,I prefer Skype over IRC any time but some stuff just cant be changed head on

ultimatewinner Day 2,070, 11:10


Xicor13 Day 2,070, 11:12

Agreed !

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 2,071, 02:03

1. To keep our discussions private, we have indianarmy channel
2. Well, oldies do say "hi or hello" as soon as some newbie join IRC. And to guide them we have ingame chat for newbies as well where 5 oldies are availabe to help them everytym.

Royal Nexus Arch I
Royal Nexus Arch I Day 2,071, 03:43

we need a better way of retaining the newbies and i think the first step wud be by changing the chat!!!

Asmitatheone Day 2,071, 04:27

This is a serious concern. Any of the ones who agreed with this, please find me on IRC. Or PM me in game, I would like to understand and then either find a solution or explain/ally your fears.
Please everyone!

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