OOPS Party Launch!

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Vote, Sub, and Shout!

Welcome to the official launch of South Africa’s newest party, the Open Opportunity Party of South Africa!

As the successor institution to the New Africa Party, we as a community would like to reiterate our support for our nation’s youth. We are a party both of old timers and newcomers alike—a party of economists and military minds—a party who understands the value of unity in society.

We at OOPS affirm our support for perhaps the most important cause of all: grooming South Africa’s next generation for leadership. In an Open-Opportunity Society, each individual has the capacity to pursue their eRepublik dreams and aspirations. We believe that any player should be able to have fun and have influence in our glorious South African and global community.

At OOPS, you will find mentors, friends, and neighbors that place the good of everyone above personal opinions. Our main ideal is that everyone should have a voice. As with New Africa, OOPS promises to be a welcoming home for new players—as well as a great community and teaching environment for those with more experience.

Join our party today!

OOPS Official Candidates for Congress

Free State

Cyber Witch


Oprah Winfrey

North West Province






Party President of the Open Opportunity Party

P.S. We are currently looking for a logo design. 3 Gold to the best logo design submittal! Message me on the forums with the image.