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One Vision Congress Bid/Ambassador/MoHA

Day 1,858, 19:31 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by GameChanger

Hello, all!

GameChanger here!

This newspaper is going through a major transformation at the moment. This newspaper will be used for two things now:

1: politics!: I am sad to say that I am leaving ESO. It was not because of the people, that is for sure. I love you all, and I hope to keep working with most of you in The Legion. However, ESO is falling behind, in everything. I feel like they are following TUP around all the time, sacrificing progress for an ally. Now, that ally has fallen from grace, and ESO is suffering too.

While browsing through the news today, I spotted a small announcement for a party I had never heard of: One Vision. They are a new, bright hope, one that has the potential to break the staleness of the parties without being violent and nasty. Now, I find myself running for congress for the first time, with a party that is in its first elections. It just feels right.

As far as policies go, mine are simple: be pragmatic without being boring. I am not the sort of person who will vote with the CP every time. However, I would never go go rouge, and use personal motives that might hurt the country.

I apologize for the skimpy details, I am doing this on a phone.

2: ambassador/MoHA: I am currently the ambassador to Slovenia, so I will publish content related to that soon. I am also getting involved in the MoHA, as to what degree, I do not know yet. Stay posted for that one folks.

I will most likely write a more in-depth article tomorrow about both of these topics

GameChanger out.



Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,858, 19:44

Voted! 🙂

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,858, 19:48

Good Luck GC!

T White II
T White II Day 1,859, 03:51

lol, i like the banner!

GameChanger Day 1,859, 07:00

It's not my banner, Josh made it. I think it's the official banner now

T White II
T White II Day 1,859, 07:37

no its my banner, ergh, the parties now!! 😉

LongShotzZ Day 1,859, 08:21


GameChanger Day 1,859, 08:27

oh. I didn't know you made it. I'll credit it to you next time, sorry!

T White II
T White II Day 1,859, 09:08

its fine, share the love! [banner]

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,860, 08:51


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