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One day...

Day 1,762, 10:00 Published in Bulgaria Mexico by Yhamilitz

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One Day, i will take the BH from both sides in a Croatian-Serbian Battle.

It will be expencive

It will be useles

But I will do it for 3 things:

1) Make History

2) Take more Gold 😃

3) Show to the admins that we still can have fun 🙂

I tried to do it in a Battle between Pakistan and uruguay, but a Macedonian and a Croatian broke my dream

I know that many people will say that is stupid, but are my weapons and my Energy bars and is not a full waste, I completed 10 more Bazookas XD

Have a nice day


OptimussPrime Day 1,762, 10:02

good luck

CSKABG Day 1,762, 10:17


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