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on with the story~

Day 1,886, 13:15 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by SakiNight
Hey guys~
Well since i was here last, a few things have gone on and i won't be posting about politics for a bit most likely. But on the bright side, that won't matter much since i don't post a lot anyway~

Speaking about me talking about all that good stuff, The chapter that was published in the last issue was kinda boring, and sadly this portion is still in chapter one, but not long from now will the actual story begin~ then it might be more interesting maybe sorta, i hope. . . . so to distract you from this issue being shorter and still not fun here are random photos that i saw while strolling the Internets~ 😃

:story time:

Chapter One - Continued
After only a few years of trying the demonic race had retreated to the core of the planet leaving behind their werewolf slaves, whom quickly went into hiding among the Humans. The Angels took advantage and turned the Demons own fallback position into a massive prison, creating yet another race, Known as the Shinigami or God's of Death to guard the prison and watch over the demons. Not long after the Demon's were dealt with the Angelic race left earth leaving a Small Human Hierarchy In charge of the Humans, and a Vampire King and Council to lead the Vampires and hunt down any remaining Demons or Werewolves still on the surface. The world has been ruled thus ever since the Angels left, though the humans spread all across the surface of the planet creating there own small empires, the Vampires still rule the Night from a city known as Rome, Most Humans have long since forgotten about werewolves and vampires and the bonds between the three races are as fragile as ever.

Chapter One- Complete, to be coninued.~

:Once again i don't own the book, picture, or . . .letters?:

~Stay Together, yet Remain Separate~


Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,886, 13:43


I write stories too 😃 i have one storie with gods of death.

arhangellord Day 1,886, 15:09


Oraizan Day 1,886, 17:19

v o7
Even famous books start a little slow~

SakiNight Day 1,886, 19:07

It's not my book sadly, however i am one of the characters in the book, who you will see in the second chapter.

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 1,887, 12:15


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