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Oh my... NOES PT2!!

Day 1,023, 11:05 Published in Philippines Philippines by Prince Terence II
September 9, 2010

NOTE: Goodbye everyone.

I started playing this game way way back since 2008. 2008 was the year when I have discovered eRepublik, but I became inactive the day after I have registered. I decided then to play NationStates, a browser game that was full of roleplaying. But then I grow bored with that game. So, after that, I decided to visit back eRepublik in February 2009. To my surprise, the game interface had changed and Philippines, my RL country, was added to the roster of the countries in the game. I felt excited.

The Philippines was still 3 days old when I had registered. Both newbies in the game. I tried to be familiar. That time, political take overs was rampant since the citizenship module was not still available. And the Philippines was a victim four groups terrorized the country and looted its entire treasury. They won the elections particularly the Presidency whom Bunaly occupied for days until they left the country. He was impeached and was replaced by blitzwithlimes. I started to work out my political career with blitz. I was an ambassador back then. Then the rest was history. I became a one-time MoFA, the sole Wiki updator for the Philippines, became a Wiki Uber Editor which I held until now, been a Congress member for more than 10 times, and was a Party President... I think I held that position for about 8 to 10 times.
I was also proclaimed King by the 2nd Congress.

I was really having fun during those past times. Defending the country, the walls, the TWs, land swaps, elections, forum discussions, meeting new people and gaining friends.

Thanks to Ariel, EZEX, Revilo, Jootli, roymustang, BBB, HazzN, Reclusive M, Soulsalvage, Keegan, Jelly, sensae, Andres D, PDS, blitz, Negosyo, Hekter, Hoskin, indie, Jossie Brooks, and to all of you who had made my stay a worthwhile. Thank you so much. Will miss you guys.


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Jelly9473 Day 1,023, 13:24

It's sad to see another good one go 🙁

I wish you the best of luck in RL and whatever you decide to do!
You will be missed, and your actions for thus country will never be forgotten!

Paul Delos Santos
Paul Delos Santos Day 1,023, 17:27

Another sad day 🙁

Good luck in RL~

sansae2 Day 1,023, 20:49

Was I included on the "Thank You" list? 😎

Andres Diego
Andres Diego Day 1,023, 21:22


indielfi Day 1,024, 00:10



Revilo X
Revilo X Day 1,024, 18:58


Jootli Day 1,025, 07:38

oh man 😢

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