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Oh Dear - a publican running for congress!

Day 514, 18:43 Published in Australia Australia by Ranger Bob

Hi eAustralia

I have decided to run for congress, and would like your support at the forthcoming election. I'm not going to bore you with some drivel or beg - but I would like to explain a couple of key ideas I have on how to make a decent contribution and improve eAustralia for all!

I would like to work on some ideas that help new people that sign up - if it hadn't been for talking to people about it early on, I probably would have remained confused what it was all about, seen Indonesia owned most of eAustralia and lost interest. If we had a group of dedicated people out there who were prepared to actively PM potential new players, and forge new friendships, I personally believe we would increase our active pool of players (and make new friends)! If everyone just did this for one new person that came along, and stuck with it, we would potentially double our active player population, and that's GOTTA be a good thing for all?

I think we can also include some more fun in the game - to build the sense of community. I've been trying this a bit with E-Pub, and I notice Preditorian has also introduced a competition section in his paper, ANN. Things like the recent house raffle also drew interest from many a folk - I think we could do some of this stuff which will in turn also help retain new people that join up - remembering that people are here first and foremost to have FUN.

On a more serious note, I would like to maintain key activity such as Centrelink - however I think there is some good scope to make it complementary to the Private Wellness Scheme that has now been developed and appears to be most effective.

Starting a new business from scratch (or buying your first one) can be a bit daunting - so, I would also like to discuss the potential of GM Mentors (experienced GMs offering their knowledge and experience) in supporting new GMs, perhaps with incentives to do so. This could complement or build on the GM traning/educational sessions that has been discussed in the present Senate.

I believe diplomacy with Indonesia is the way to go - this does not have to be submissive or plainitive, we have a lot to offer in terms of a group of people that have been here a long time and have an excellent understanding of the game mechanics. One of the things that concerns me is there will always be new people coming in (both for us and them) and due to this, if we do not maintain good ongoing communication what we have secured so far could easily go if there was an election over there with new people who don't necessarily see what has gone on before. For this reason, I would like to suggest a liaison (the MoFA?) who talks with the respective party presidents over there following the 15th of each month - but this may already occur.

Anyway that's my plug. I apologise for using my fun On Tap news rag to talk to you about this, but I believe I offer some fresh perspectives and ideas, and would give a good contribution if I were elected.

Over to you, eAustralia!



srg91 Day 514, 18:45


Preditorian Day 514, 18:59

Awesome work Ranger!

Keep it up!

patti11 Day 514, 19:01

go ranger!

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 514, 19:04

now I just gotta convince Corny and Cottus to spend some time working with annoying n00bies like me who have aspirations of opening a pub business and producing Q5 beer! 😛

Br0adside Day 514, 19:53

good luck ranger 😉

Ben P
Ben P Day 514, 21:17

Goodluck, you have my vote mate 😃

Suntan Day 514, 21:56

I vote for the pub!

Leonard Lyman
Leonard Lyman Day 514, 22:23

Go Ranger Bob!
🙂 😃 🙂 😃

You're one pretty awesome guy!

StewartB Day 514, 22:49

Awesome work mate. Very impressed.

Bleevo Socrate
Bleevo Socrate Day 515, 01:02

Good luck ranger its going to be an interesting election!

Preditorian Day 516, 02:08

Goooo Publicans !

I seriously support the Creation of the APP.
(Australian Publican Party)

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