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Official statement: guilty without evidences ?

Day 1,788, 07:58 Published in South Africa South Africa by Dule87

It takes too long from appeal committee to respond so I need to share the story.

Recently I was temporary banned for 3 days. Reason was creating or administrating multiple accounts. At first I was shocked because it never crossed my mind to make another account.

I confess that citizen master. za gives me some cc and gold. I can confirm that I have meet master. za because he was guest in dormitory where I was worked during spring and summer. He is foreign citizen and he started playing this game after my presentation. One important thing is that both of us were at same time online, me at my home and he in dormitory. Computer in dormitory can be used by any guest. If I was going to make multi account, I was able to do this from official computer in the office.

How am I supposed to know when I received the money which is "illegal", obtained from multi account ? This is just like when I receive Assegai supplies and then supplier got banned for some reason and then all my money is taken away by admin. I am not guilty because someone gives me money and than decided to make multi account(s) from other computer. Yes, know that I have made big mistake because I kept the money instead of taking it back to donor and this is ONLY mistake that I made in almost 3 years of playing this game. Then why should I be punished by confiscation all money which I had ? Now I have minus 14.671 cc and ZERO gold because all money is taken away from my account. I can not buy anything, I can not move to another region or country… until I get back the "debt". Hope that my appeal will be accepted and my account will have at least ZERO cc and ZERO gold so I can play again normally.

It is not problem to say that I am guilty but where are the evidences mister judge ?



atrawall Day 1,788, 08:38

Really? They would just ban you for receiving funds? That doesn't sound like the admins... It's ridiculous isn't it. I'd help out, but I too am broke since having to restart after a ludicrous ban...

WastelandENT Day 1,788, 11:59

I am guessing you can not receive any funds right now, correct? If you can, maybe eSA would be kind enough to start a charity for one of their citizens. That way you could pay off your debt and get back on your feet.

Dule87 Day 1,788, 13:19

@Claudio: Yes, just for that.

@WastelandENT: No, I can receive funds but still will not be able to buy anything because must to pay off debt first.

6 days and still no answer...

WastelandENT Day 1,788, 14:03

Well,maybe we can start a charity fund. Everyone who would like to help you out in your time of crisis could donate some ZAR to you.

atrawall Day 1,788, 22:05

I was being sarcastic, as I was permabanned for receiving funds "Illegally." You won't hear back from the admins....

kuckuck Day 1,789, 10:05

Voted. Sorry to hear that mate. I shared my internet with a neighbour and he got permabaned, we couldn't solve it.

Rexdeus Day 1,789, 12:47

Really sucks!

Knowing of so many who have been banned lately, i really hope you will be different, hope admin fix things for you, good luck.

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