Official Presidential Statement: USA Joins EDEN

Day 740, 18:37 Published in USA Poland by Battle Kitten

As many of you have already heard, the eUSA is now a part of the EDEN alliance. A little less than a week ago Gaius Julius as head of the JCS and myself were approached by EDEN with a proposal asking us to join. They voted on our membership and we were approved unanimously. After they had voted on this, I then presented the matter to congress for a vote. This matter was not an easy choice for Gaius, your congress, or myself. There are many benefits and at the same time drawbacks to joining any alliance. There was a lively debate in regards to joining EDEN and by the time the vote was finished 40 congressman had voted in favor of joining, 4 voted no, and 6 abstained. Over eighty percent of the congress voted in favor of joining the EDEN alliance.

I am quite pleased that we have joined the EDEN alliance. There are a variety of reasons that I am happy to join our friends in EDEN and I will detail them here.

1. Loyalty: We have never wavered in our support of our allies and they in turn have never wavered in their support of us. Even when the United States was in its darkest days they stood with us and in turn when they were under seige we stood with them no matter the cost. Only through working together can we confront and defeat the enemies we face.

2. Protection: As powerful as the USA is, we cannot take on the whole world by ourselves. Every country needs allies to help in the defense of its borders and in turn to defend them from outside aggression. By fully aligning ourselves with EDEN we always have them guarding our back and we in turn shall do the same for them.

3. Common Purpose: It is no secret at this point who are adversaries in this game are. Both the eUSA and EDEN are committed in confronting these countries and eliminating them as threats both to ourselves and to the rest of the world.

4. Join Military Planning: By becoming full members in EDEN we can plan and coordinate our military actions in a more effective manner and share a common objective when we meet our enemies in battle.

5. Economic Support: All EDEN Countries contribute to a joint fund. This joint fund ensures the security of each member. When one country is hit hard by an attack, they use it for military actions to defend it.

6. Voice: By joining EDEN we will have a voice on their council and be able to guide policy. Without joining we would be a passive ally at best. If you intend to be an ally you need to commit yourself fully to the cause and I feel that the eUSA and EDEN have done that.

I am extremely pleased to announce to the American people that we are now an official member of EDEN. We have learned from the past mistakes of ATLANTIS and have a clear defined purpose. We intend to confront our enemies whenever and however possible. We will continue to protect the security of any nation within the alliance and give our maximum effort to ensure that we are the best possible ally we can be. Only together can we continue to exist and confront the threats we face in the future.