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Official News Era #1, How New Era Works

Day 2,077, 07:14 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Invalidation

Welcome to the News Era, where I give you all the official News Era news from the new era. Our venerable party leader Sven has given me the enviable position of Media Module Mechanic Maximiser Master, for which I am very grateful. I was surprised to be given this position by a player so very old and from the highest rings of the eUK elite and am very honoured.

I look up to him, his eLife started very humble in eSweden. Not much happened to him until New Era hired him as +1 vote in a congress election and used up a citizenship pass to allow him to join our hostile takeover movement. Since then he has proven his dedication to the takeover of eUK by foreigners and wronged oldfags, and now leads the New Era PTO!

So without dallying too much more, let us move on to the news (era)!
The big news is our expansion into another party. Since we found that an alliance with other parties didn't work because humans are more complex creatures than our stunted social skills would have us know, we've decided instead to simply run multiple parties that are exactly the same populated by the same people and their umm.. extra-curricular accounts!
Now RDP only has a very lazy logo atm, because we didn't bother to think of any policies or anything for it before getting into the meat and bread of adding more accounts. Not to worry though, it doesn't effect the ultimate plan, illustrated here:

So you see the evil section of eUK that want to play the game and have fun are based in the south of England and the midlands, that's why we are sending our parties to establish bases in Northern Ireland, Cornwall and Northumberland. Once we have these key fortresses against freedom, we can march into the rest of the eUK and take over. No-one lives in Scotland, so we have not accounted for it in the plan.

To achieve all this and destroy the eUK once and for all, we need to be strong. That is why our parties have a highly developed hierarchy, with places for all our members however small.

As shown above the elitist oldfags who are the cleverest (eg don dapper) and richest stand atop a boat, riding on the back of new players and their corpses. This gives them a clear view of the battlefield, so they know who to launch personal attacks against. The new players are extremely important because they give +1 to the membercount, and some might even vote if they don't eHang themselves of boredom and irrelevance before elections.

As mentioned before though, other people are not reliable, and we lack the social skills to maximise them anyway. That is why all real New Era members (that is the ones who are not new, since they cannot be trusted) are encouraged to do their bit and maximise their membership contribution and votes. So while other parties mess around with getting their +1 membership counts from new players, our members can have up to +50 membership count!

You can achieve this too with the right know how!
Here is a step-by-step process:

Then you simply level up your alternate account to 20 and join one of our parties! Repeat this many time for the greatest effect.

Maybe now you can see why our party is so much better than parties than do not do this like our enemies in The TUP Party, UKRP, UKPP etc.

In other News Era news that isn't really related to New Era, but is something we should look into before it take us over...

The Royal Army Dental Corps has won at being a MU, thrashing the rubbish units like Legion and British Army, and rising to be the hardest hitting unit pound for pound in the entire world by a large margin. This is possibly due to the awetastic leadership by a WayneKerr, though it also might be more to do with FragUK being a proper psychopath mass murderer. It could also be due to the fact that British Army were too busy fighting for Ireland to do anything useful, no doubt following Don's directions to the battle rather than doing what they knew they should do and ignore the silly blighter.

As you can see from the analysis, Indonesia doesn't have a chance.


Invalidation Day 2,077, 07:15

Horrah for the new Media Module Mechanic Maximiser Master

WayneKerr Day 2,077, 07:19

We in the eUK are blessed with having an award winning mspainter such as yourself...

ePocalypse Day 2,077, 07:24

Good to have an honest assessment like this from within New Era. Admitting your wrongdoing is your first step on the long road to redemption as a party.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,077, 07:37

Bad comment -2 house points to Slytherin

Peter Lester
Peter Lester Day 2,078, 04:31

Do you mean 2 house points from Slytherin?

Rfeist Day 2,077, 07:28

awetastic leadership by a WayneKerr pft........

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 2,077, 16:55

I thought this said autistic and agreed with it.

BigAnt Day 2,077, 07:30

TUP trolling... Fail

This is why, UKRP, UKPP, ESO, WRP everyone turned their backs on you this month. True colours being shown, deperate to hold onto power LOL and you call me a power crabbing whore.. HYPOCRITES!

I'm glad UKRP and the others have told you to get lost. better for UK

Finally TACO - Against all cheats (mainly from tup)

Invalidation Day 2,077, 07:33

Maybe try writing coherently.

jamesw Day 2,077, 07:34

The rate of decline at ESO and UKPP actually shrank this month, quite drastically. If anything, less people are turning their backs. /me shrugs. I liked the images they were pretty.

Alphabethis Day 2,077, 08:30

pretty images?????????.... pretty images?????

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 2,077, 08:34

No BigAnt, you misunderstand. You are an ant, not a crab. (Although the presence of Crabs may explain your temperament)

WayneKerr Day 2,077, 11:15

power crabs ftw...

ViciousDeeds Day 2,077, 07:30

Truly epic paint skillz, great article


Rfeist Day 2,077, 07:34

they seem legit....

GameChanger Day 2,077, 16:10

they ARE legit

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,077, 07:36

TUP trolling... Fail x2

Stop being sad , and trying to get praise from TUP the party you love, do you feel making up rubbish will serve the cause well ?

Beware readers the article writer is a well known troll and not a nice a decent person, and not a real member of New Era, this shows how childish a small section of the eUk like to waste their time on a Sunday.

Minus 7 house points to Slytherin

Invalidation Day 2,077, 07:40

You can't handle home truths.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,077, 07:42

For telling lies that is another -3 house points to Slytherin

Invalidation Day 2,077, 07:45

Only 3 of your accounts are giving me -1? Why not log into a few more.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 2,077, 19:47

Meh, this is what they have to resort to in order to have ANY argument. Baseless accusations and slander. Pathetic.

Tangbod Day 2,079, 03:12

A bit like BA's accusation that it must and could only be a TUP member who stole the missing money, or the fact he had to lie even more to try and get an impeachment. The double standards involved here is hysterical

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,079, 05:53

Tangbod, You forgot the blatant actual slander of Bohemond when he made up that story about him stealing money in the hope it'd lead to an impeachment.

Jamie2721 Day 2,077, 07:37

Or plan is working.

We are even expanding and getting oldfags joining and getting some +1 membership counts by letting them think they have important positions like "Media Module Mechanic Maximiser Master"

I encourage all players reading to follow invalidation and Vaett Vangr's example by joining the alliance. We are making up special titles specifically for you as we speak!

Garth Lidlington M.D.
Garth Lidlington M.D. Day 2,077, 08:47

do they get special banners like DC too? i can always write more appreciation articles 😁

Max Blue
Max Blue Day 2,077, 07:37

LMAO all the way through. Rarely do I get so much enjoyment from reading an erepublik article.

Alphabethis Day 2,077, 08:31

come on!

mwcerberus Day 2,077, 08:15

your skills with paint are legendary

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,077, 08:18

Please don't rise to the obvious trolling guys, they WANT a reaction from you. They are nasty people who get a kick from making others upset and frustrated.

I understand you guys (TUP and friends) don't like the tone of BigAnt's posts but at least they are tackling the politics and not just character attacks - this isn't a proportional responce. Anyone supporting this loses the right to complain about anything other people do.

Invalidation Day 2,077, 08:19

Hello you cheating elitist liar of a troll.

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 2,077, 14:10

"Please don't rise to the obvious trolling guys, they WANT a reaction from you. They are nasty people who get a kick from making others upset and frustrated."

I am planning to copy and paste the above whenever BA posts an article...

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 2,077, 08:38

LOL TUP Fial. X3.24

Tis is wy everbody h8 you you guyz. New Era is good as my speling. We no Multi.

-4 Points to Slyterin. Ha ha. Lord of te Rigs refrense rite tere.

- Comander Dupper.

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,077, 22:47

haha! xD +1

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 2,077, 10:38

I think the quality of our political debates are going uphill

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 2,077, 15:35

I hope that this is not an insult to me.

WayneKerr Day 2,077, 11:17

New Era cannot into satire...

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 2,077, 13:01

Or satire cannot into New Era. Mainly because it is not one of Goku's multis.

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 2,077, 11:32

Invalidation isn't a TUP member, he is New Era. >__>

NT Games
NT Games Day 2,077, 22:18

Zaphod, I know all my members, he is just a troll, and even you know it 🙂

wigibob Day 2,078, 02:11

he is an ex-TUP member who tried to PTO us

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 2,078, 09:11 BigAnt then?

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 2,078, 12:19

All YOUR members? You own them all? Multis or...?

Invalidation Day 2,078, 12:25

So all members who join must be mandated by the multiple accounts council to confirm that they are from the inner circle?

NT Games
NT Games Day 2,078, 17:22

well this shows that you really are not new era, otherwise you would have known ... so BUSTED PUNK!

Lemlin Day 2,077, 14:40

Awesome article and nice pictures!

Sambo112 Day 2,077, 14:47

pure bloody awesome

WookieO Day 2,077, 16:14

Loving your work o7

Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 2,077, 18:14

This is brilliant

NT Games
NT Games Day 2,077, 22:19

Usually on New Era articles, there aren`t so many trolls from other parties. So this means that this is not a genuine New Era article... We cannot gather 50 votes, I thought this is how the opposition used to think.
But I enjoyed it 🙂

wigibob Day 2,078, 02:10

*sigh* not you again invalidation, I thought I had got rid of you for good last time

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