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October PP Platform

Day 690, 08:35 Published in USA Belgium by Kylero

From the desk of the Party President

Fellow Greens,

I feel that with the PP elections days away, and for the first time in a while, there are plenty of worthy candidates, I should outline my plans for further Green Party growth and prosperity.

Party Leadership

I feel that the current cabinet structure that we have in place, is more than sufficient. I warn against any further expansion due to the fact of unfilled roles and lack of adherence to official duties by some Officials. There's no need for new offices, since many posts are flexible enough to include different roles. Stronger commitments by Officials is the key. For my past cabinets, I allowed anyone to take a position, if they thought they could do it. It obviously takes more than this, and I think more positions would be uneeded as it would bloat the Leadership and cause headaches for anyone trying to consolidate information.


Under my leadership, I have more than doubled the size of the party. When times were tough, I stuck it out and made sure we got to where we wanted to be. My past two terms have seen this country fall to a single state, to now, where we have made it out. The things I did during these times have lead to what we have today. Now, we need to harness what we have now, and build within the party, from sticking out for each other to teaching the tricks of the trade. I plan to initiate mentorship programs and support our Congressional Candidates by commissioning the Green Ops. The Green Ops will be a voting brigade, much like the Air Force, and designated Greens will await orders on election day to be sent in and vote for Greens who need them. Moving tickets will be provided for the Ops, and will require a new staff position.


I think the veteran Party members know my history as a Green. To the newer members, if I haven't helped you get on your feet, I hope I've at leasted greeted you once or twice. I know I have at least one more term in me, and I plan to go out strong. I make a campaign promise here and now, by November 5th, there will be at least 5 Greens in Congress, and we'll have at least 150 members. It can be done, and I will see to it that it is!

Arm-in-arm, onward we march!

The Honorable Kylero

USGP President


killersinc Day 690, 08:46

good luck I had a lot on my plate when I was the PP. I hope you can restore the party I remember!

Paper Boat
Paper Boat Day 690, 09:44

so who else is running, should probably make a list

Kylero Day 690, 09:46

eRepublik makes a list, check it out on the party page

Paper Boat
Paper Boat Day 690, 09:50

well yea but one who says who is actually qualified, all we know you and some us know timothy, but idk whoeitspiivii is or the other guy who just joined the forum

Kylero Day 690, 10:02

That's up to them to get their name out there. Timothy's going to be a worthy challenger, and I look forward to a fresh exchange of ideas and values, its a win-win situation for our party!

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 690, 10:26

Voted for the sexy pic.

Kylero Day 690, 10:28

He was one handsome devil back in the was he not!

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