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October 5th 2012 Prime Minister Elections

Day 1,779, 16:45 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by Valentyme

On October 5th, eKiwis will be asked to vote for their choice of Prime Minister for the month of October. I believe that I can be what this nation needs in a Prime Minister. This last month has seen a few changes in the game, and a few changes in New Zealand. Within the game the economy has dropped to an all time low, with the only real income coming from True Patriot medals and Battle Hero medals. The only way to get these medals is through War, and I believe War is what this nation needs. However, this nation also needs a congress, and recently we have accidently gone to war with Argentina, a much stronger oponent than ourselves. It is likely that we will be hard pressed to keep our nation from foreign occupuation. I believe these two issues will be the crux of this next month for New Zealand.

So why should you vote for me and what can I do for this nation? First off I will work hard this month to succeed at making sure our Nation is able to have congress for this months elections. I can promise to do my upmost to make sure this happens. I will also do my best to make sure that this nation remains in some type of war, whether this is a training war or a real war. I believe firmly that war is the only way to provide this nation with any kind of economy boost.

My second goal this month is to increase government transparency. The number one way to do this is to increase communication between the government and the citizens of this nation. I believe that this last month(s) has seen a definite lack in communication between the government and various parties within the nation. I want to increase the communication between the government and the citizens in three different ways. First off, I think its very important to have the a direct line to the people. This calls for articles to be written directly by government officials informing the people of what is going on, whether this is Battle Orders, or the Prime Minister telling people what is going on in side his/her administration. Secondly, I would want to create a direct link between the Prime Minister of the nation and each politcal party via communication and between the Prime Minister and the Presidents of each Politcal Party, so that each high ranking official within the nation is informed on sensitive information and can best choose how to pass that on to his party members. Thirdly I want to increase the communication between the executive branch of the government and the legislative branch. This would keep congressmen under a tighter leash so law proposals are thought out before being proposed and so they can be proposed in the best interest of the nation.

So remember, October 5th, Vote for Valentyme



Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 1,779, 16:53


Don Luchiano
Don Luchiano Day 1,779, 17:05

Is your heart all black?
No, our hands are black.

\o/ ZMAJ \o/

WayneKerr Day 1,779, 17:07

So remember, October 5th, Vote for Valentyme

GraveyarDeImperium Day 1,779, 17:42

Vote hard for Valentyme o7

CrackShotNZ Day 1,779, 20:54

Awesome article man 😃 Vote Val for president!!!!

Dizzy Ramone
Dizzy Ramone Day 1,779, 21:44

Vote for NZ, Vote for Val!

IlichRamirezSanchez Day 1,779, 23:29

All votes to Val for the benefit of New Zealand

Lisac the Philosopher
Lisac the Philosopher Day 1,780, 00:37

tako je DON! : D

McGinty.dc Day 1,780, 02:47

Good luck.

JarkesH Day 1,780, 05:30

you have me vote o/

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