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Occasionally becomes every day

Day 1,558, 03:37 Published in France Argentina by Leuch

Occasionally, there are important battles
Occasionally, it's election day
Occasionally, there are babies who ask lots of questions about this game
Occasionally, in the past, we had information about what happenned
Occasionally, players want to play a proper game
Occas... Every day, there are maintenances

I think it will be better if you can schedule your maintenance at least one day before. With an announcement, players will make arrangements and they will stop being angry when you close the game.

We will be more understanding if you give us details.
It's not flaming, just an advice.

"Occasionally" becomes "every day"
~Chain Shout~


Anandel Day 1,558, 03:47

Occasionally, they will read player requests

niceone30 Day 1,558, 03:51

Occasionally, they will stop bothering players!!!

Johan Hiruma
Johan Hiruma Day 1,558, 04:04

Occasionally, the estimated time before the game is back online isn't very accurate.

partenison Day 1,558, 04:05

Occasionally, the estimated time before the game is back online isn't very accurate. x 2

GeneralFranco Day 1,558, 04:05

Occasionally,this is becoming really bored!!! v+shout

Jack  Minow
Jack Minow Day 1,558, 04:13


ChiNyax Muad Dib
ChiNyax Muad Dib Day 1,558, 04:15

Advices are always flamming. Give an advice to a woman and you'll see what will happen :sexisttrolling:

Occasionally, it gives me the opportunity to do something else.

tytlal Day 1,558, 04:26

occasionaly,they should have a test environment to test things out before they push their crapy code onto us!

SunFall Day 1,558, 04:33

Occasionaly, seconds won't last for hours

Captain Igor
Captain Igor Day 1,558, 05:10

I want to know if you were admin how you would have dealt with all the stuff that are needed to run eRep. properly 24/7

Leuch Day 1,558, 05:12

I will add Top Fighter Medal...

Captain Igor
Captain Igor Day 1,558, 05:14

that is not my point. I wanted to say that it is not easy to run online game like eRep. 24/7
you maybe think it is easy but it is not.
And yes, admins make some mistakes but at least are trying to fix/correct everything for the good of the ordinary players.

AlexMCS182 Day 1,558, 05:15

Captain Igor -> Man, this is internet game, they could at least create a beta one on an internal server and do their things on this one before annoying us.
Plus, an internet game doesn't require that much things compared to an online game on PC or console, and they are working pretty well, imagine Call Of Duty, imagine the monster work needed for all the servers, and do you ever see any shit like this happening ?
I don't think so, it's just that they are doing their things with laziness and they don't care about it a bit.

Leuch Day 1,558, 05:19

@ Captain Igor:
I don't ask a game 24/7, just more information about update.
If I can see a message who inform me today that the game will be down tomorrow between x hours and x hour erepublik time, I will be ok without problem.

Sky 33
Sky 33 Day 1,558, 05:19

well, occasionally...

Captain Igor
Captain Igor Day 1,558, 05:22

@alex agreed but you cant compare Call of duty with eRep.
eRepublik has maybe 70 or more employees that are keeping/broadcasting the game, and Call of Duty has more than 3 000 employees that are all doing different things to help the game function and etc.

@Leuch : that is why I said "admins make mistakes" and yes I agree with you that they should inform us before every maintenance

AlexMCS182 Day 1,558, 05:27

Captain Igor -> It's normal, they are supposed to have a proportionnal amount of employees to the work they need/have to do.
It's really shameful sometimes because they perform maintenances and laught hard behind their PC's screen in organizing a Gold Promo, it's like they are making fun of us really... How do you wanna feel like buying golds if the game isn't working properly...

Captain Igor
Captain Igor Day 1,558, 05:31

I dont think that they are making fun of the players.
On some way we are their customers, I know that they respect us more than some of you think.
I understand what you wanna say, and I respect your's and Leuch's personal opinion, but you know I am just saying mine : ]

AlexMCS182 Day 1,558, 05:33

Captain Igor -> Don't worry, it's ok dude : D
We're just sharing our opinion as you pointed it out 😛

But I'm still thinking and convinced that if they wanted to, they could make a better game and take care of it a bit better too...

Captain Igor
Captain Igor Day 1,558, 05:37

yes if they want they can make it better but for making that, they need new proposals.
So it would be great if all the players send a ticket about what they want to be changed/implemented or stuff like that, and who knows maybe one of those things will be done : ]

michkhine2 Day 1,558, 07:51

occasionaly... we have time to play other games!!

cyrano24100 Day 1,559, 07:36

Occasionaly -- we get elected to congres because most semi-active players don't try to connect repetitively!

Zitark Day 1,559, 12:44

Occasionaly, they care about what you say.
This is very occasionaly.

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