Now You See Me 2 [To Plato]

Day 3,223, 23:36 Published in Romania Romania by googoodoll


J. Daniel Atlas: A magician's greatest strength is an empty fist.

Now You See Me 2 it’s a movie that enchants you. It has a great distribution, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson among others, also a grown up Daniel Radcliffe that doesn’t convince much, but he still has some charm left from Harry Potter. It’s a story that keeps you on your toes, scenes that sometimes look like ballet, thus, worth seeing.
I let you discover the story, but one thing I have to mention, because I need it for my following plead. In the end it seems that a secret organisation named “The eye” watches over the world in order to dismantle evil plots.

Our game is also a story, where the magical thing is that our beloved/hated Plato sells us illusions. I don't have any problems with that, because this is exactly what I’m buying, spiced with some real friendships discovered here. I do have some problems with Plato letting the game die, and with it our illusions. The eye is not watching over us, instead it is only watching over his wallet. I don’t have problems with his wallet either, cause I think we have to pay for these illusions, but, if:

Dylan Rhodes aka Plato: That is to say, the ability to convince a crowd that something is inside when really there is nothing.

lasts for too long, then the magic is gone and sadly, we too. We are fewer every single month and almost no one new enters the game.

Dear Plato, I have a few things in mind, things that I believe you should do for the game if you are still interested in keeping it alive.

First it will have to be the economic module, yes, the hated and desired economic module. You have to do something that allows regular people to gain money from it. It must be difficult, time consuming and skills required, but it has to work. This will bring satisfaction in game, cause you lack two things in eRepublik right now: adrenalin and satisfaction. Top costumers will not spend numerous hours to gain what they can pay in 2 minutes. But the people that pay need an audience, it’s not fun to brag in front of the mirror.

Secondly, you really need to change the military module. I dont know how, but almost all people became mercs, not fighting as a team (country, MU, Alliance) but only for PP and CO. It’s a pity. Lame. Boring to DEATH!