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Day 1,959, 09:59 Published in Belgium Belgium by Vincent Pain

VOTE SwaqqCoryn now or never!!!

Why? HOPE believes that unity between the democatic parties in Ebe wil bring change, and change we need!

Powers are limited to saying things. And rulers therefore only have power when the things they say, are believed. Only when these things are believed, people are willing to follow orders.

A ruler has power because he has the ability to the others do the things he telles them to do. He himself does nothing. At least, nothing but say things.

In this sense, for example, the pentagon was not criminal. They have never shot anyone, or placed people in prison. It were those who believed them and therefore obeyed orders. They were the ones who were willing to perform the actual crimes, which gave the pentagon power. Only by believing them and therefore to follow orders.

Bankers have power only because we believe that they have made ​​available cash value. They do nothing but say money value, and because that we believe that we have money and therefore the value. And because they have control over money, they thus control (and thus have power) over us. Not for what they say, but for what we believe.

Politicians only have power because we believe what they say. Because we believe that they represent us and that they take responsibility for us. Therefore, we continue to obey and that is just why they have actual power over us. Not for what they say, but for what we believe.

Strictly speaking rulers do nothing criminal. They only say things. Things we believe. If we do not believe, they would not have power and would therefore not be rulers.




Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Day 1,959, 10:15

Voted nice article V.P.

Albus Day 1,959, 10:23


Tensa Zangetsu san
Tensa Zangetsu san Day 1,959, 10:34

I absolutly DISAGREE with the part concerning Hitler. Outrageous for me.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,959, 10:36

Hitler was a criminal but he himself didn't commited the crimes... he used hes puppets for that. Read it carrefully comrad! 😉

Ely.nea Day 1,960, 16:28

again the same story, he was the big criminal in the world, don't play with this sad page of the history.

Genesis X
Genesis X Day 1,961, 00:46

Hm, hm, hm "Hitler was a criminal but he himself didn't commited the crimes... " ?!? This is kind of inappropriate statement to be posted here.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,959, 12:00

Organize massive crimes is a crime...

JdlF Day 1,960, 10:22

Hoo man, saying that Hittler didn't commited crimes is really really lame ...

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,961, 07:27

You just don't understand what im saying... F****ing iritating. HITLER was a sorry ass sick psycho but he used others to do the dirty work!!

MaryamQ Day 1,959, 11:25

But surely you can see why this confuses people, as you say "In this sense, Hitler was not a criminal." It is true, he did not directly murder anyone himself, but he is directly responsible for many of those murders. The same is true in any oppressive regime. That does not, however, equate with the office of CP in a game, where, not only does the CP not order anyone to harm others, but his function is indeed administrative. Nobody can do all the work alone. There must always be a team of people working together to accomplish the tasks that need to be done. And in a republic such as this, if you don't like the tasks that are chosen, you simply choose a new team.

MaryamQ Day 1,959, 11:35

Your new example of the Pentagon is a bit more palatable; however, it is not parallel. The Pentagon is composed of career soldiers. During the Vietnam War, soldiers used following orders as a justification for their criminal acts, but that did not and does not negate personal responsibility for making morally correct choices. It is true, if people follow like sheep and they have a bad leader, they may do bad things. It does not necessarily follow that every person who believes in a leader and follows his lead will end up behaving criminally.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,959, 11:43

One of the most fundamental divisions within humanity is the division between the power elite and the people. A (in numbers) small power elite benefits for centuries increasingly of the proceeds of the labor of the people. And to make this possible, that elite has devised various systems in the course of time.

The people can not prevail by itself and lay the proceeds of there work at the feet of that elite. That people would prefere to enjoy thereself of the fruits of their own labor. And that is contrary to the interests of the elite who profit of those fruits, without having to work!!!

that power elite is nothing more than an industry of tirans


Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,959, 11:36

I see that people don't understand the example, therefore i changed it... MaryamQ did understood it, to make it more easy to understand i changed Hitler with the pentagon.

We have a ruling class and a working class, to become 100% democratic we must destroy the upperclass (ruling elite) WE ARE ALL PEOPLE ALL OF US ARE EQUAL !

MCKitkat Day 1,960, 04:13

Ehm, I see three classes, your "running elite" being the ones who use the forum and rule eBelgium, the "working class" you and your supporters who praise change, and the third class who doesn't care at all and two clicks. And the biggest class is the third one. I haven't seen a 100% democratic country, where everyone is equal. And it will take ages to see one, it's an imaginative world where everything is fine but that is not world. World kicks your ass when you don't expect it and you'll have to live with that.

Alexandross Day 1,959, 11:45

There is equality. I understand the way how do you want to get votes, but it's just a wrong propaganda.

Alexandross Day 1,959, 11:45

Btw, good luck!

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,959, 11:53

ATO is same like BFB and Respublic... sad that you and you'r party who haves lot's of newbies are betraying you'r members. You wil get punished for that ....

Alexandross Day 1,959, 12:10

OMG, what are you talking about? Are you blaming everyone who doesn't support your propaganda? Think so. Yes, these parties are democrats, I agree, same democratic values. Our party members make the party's decisions together, so we don't betray anyone. Stop lying, Vincent. I didn't attack you, but you're going to justify what others told me about you.

JdlF Day 1,960, 10:33

He's justifying .... Between us and ResBel we were the ones openned to discussion ... But he never asked anything he just jept doing strange things ... Quite sad to be honest, seeing such poverty.
But more importantly I'm rl sad about what i've read.

MaryamQ Day 1,959, 11:46

I think your comment about the ruling class is still not entirely correct. Yes, we are theoretically all equal and should all have equal opportunities to advance in the game; however, that equality is limited by people's choices to be more or less actively involved, and by whatever knowledge and experience they may bring to the table. It does not necessarily follow that those in power are always bad - and if it did, then HOPE and Babyboom would be no better than those presently in power. To the best of my recollection, and knowing my own character and way of playing, I never asked anyone to do anything harmful or underhanded in my two terms as CP. I chose a capable team, and a team that knew what they were doing and how to get it accomplished, and I mostly let them have free rein to do it. Does this mean I did nothing? I don't think so. If you had seen the hours and hours I spent on the forum and IRC during those times, you would have a different opinion. I also note that I attempted to include at least one person from every party in my governments, something the more radical CPs on the right and left have not done in the past. It is easy to paint a class of people as bad for eBelgium. It is not so easy to do better.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,959, 11:51

You did nothing new and brought nothing new Maryam... you followd the forum elite and used power outside the game to rule over the people ingame!! Smae with every CP whop ever ruled in EBE... the only candidates who wanted to change things like Shadowucks and AVegan where slandered and crapped uppon! Time for change is now and we H.O.P.E a,nd BABYBOOM wil BRING POWER BACK INGAME! POWER FOR THE PEOPLE --- END OF THE ELITE FORUM TIRANS--

MaryamQ Day 1,959, 11:57

I think you don't know that, Vincent Pain. In fact, I brought a training war where my opponent had promised one and I would not promise because I wasn't sure I could deliver. This was long-awaited and gratefully accepted by ALL citizens in a time when training wars were very hard to come by. I reorganized cabinet and gave opportunities to new members of the community. I used the in-game media to communicate with the people who were not on the forum. In fact, if you ask people who were not forum active at the time, I think most of them would say my administration was more good than bad. Additionally, how does the forum community rule over people who do not visit the forum. There is no forum power that trumps in-game power, as has been proven over and over again by people who use citizenship passes against the advice of the government and even other Congress members.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,959, 12:05

Bollocks... i have seen no change since i started this game more then 2 years ago. People who choose to not take part on the forum are nothing more then a pig on a farm. People who do choose to take part and fight against the elite like myself are bullyd by Konrad like ****s who wil start campains against you and try to destroy you. I have seen this happening once to manny! Time is now to change things and whipe out all of the old farts in congres and cabinet! Bring the power back ingame and end the Forum...

Alexandross Day 1,959, 12:14

I'll bring the communication-channels back to IG, but won't end the forum. Who are you to destroy a forum? Who are we to destroy anything built by the belgian community?

MaryamQ Day 1,959, 12:14

As a matter of fact, the term I was referring to was before you started this game. I do understand that you have had many people in the old guard opposing you. I think you also understand that there were reasons for this that were not about holding onto power. I will agree that the methods used by many people are not the greatest; however, to divide the whole community up into classes of elite and not elite is to deny the dignity and worth of the individual in this game. No two people, on either side or no side, are exactly alike, and certainly no large group of people should be considered all alike.

Viridi Day 1,959, 16:54


Jeiry Day 1,960, 02:46

Vincent, do your realize that you text may refer to your own acts when you shout "Kill the elite" or "Destroy the elite" ?

There's always a pinch of truth in what you revindicate, but your attitude is worse than what you point at. Too bad.

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,960, 03:44

Vincent, I do find it ironic as you yourself is an Elite. You are a small group of leader who are highly active and holds power in HOPE, your lackluster MU, and maybe within the BB community. You were the PP of LCC and was highly involved in Libertad and other commie groups. You are part of the oligarchs that made HOPE part of some eWorld Commie alliance. So when I hear you say kill the elites etc, I find it extremely ironic as you yourself are an elite even if you do not like it.

As to your other comments in this article, all I can say is wow. You really need some basics in philosophy, finance/ economics, history and political science. Most of your examples are rubbish and purely shocking. Why have war crimes like Nuremberg Trials or The Hague if you do not account for administrative evils/ crimes. Poor Hannah Arendt will be outraged with your analysis.

I really do not understand your article. It is indeed puzzling. For you keeps saying power is about belief of what others (maybe Elite) and this leads to many perversions like your flawed examples of the Pentagon, banks, politicians etc then why should we trust and believe in your brand of power and that of Swaggcoryn? This is a poor article that seems to contradict itself.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,960, 09:15

Konrad, no one reads you'r bollocks.... but still im proud to have you as a fan. You know more about me then i do! LOL

JdlF Day 1,960, 10:30

Thinking about "elite" and "followers" is so narrow minded man ... You are just being populistic right now.
"Kill the elite for the people" blablabla ... It sounds like an old farmer yelling in a pub...

Your so called elites only exist because you think they are... You feel elitism because you can't handle limits that's all.

I had quite expectations in your actions as you didn't look like a random populist person... But your last term in the government was just a joke. You did less than anyother... Because yes, HOPE guys, Vincent Pain was in the government last month! Did nothing. And now this article ... You're embarassing yourself... And Coryn. Coryn deserves better allies than this bad propaganda.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,960, 10:36

You damn well now that i for a fact brought the income tax down last month; what did you do aexcept whining like a fool? The only embarrasment is you and your lack of knowledge on the parasite system in Ebe.

JdlF Day 1,960, 10:47

Comment deleted

Ely.nea Day 1,960, 11:48

One adverstising from Vincent pain ????

I think, it's doesn't help Corynn.

SwaqqCoryn Day 1,960, 23:28

You guys are so mad, it's not healthy.
It's all I have to say.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,961, 03:21

Wait until after the ellections... they wil get beyond mad. 🙂

MCKitkat Day 1,961, 04:52

Well, the things you are doing right now aren't making us happy really, I mean NE a country that is bigger then us. Yeah thats thinking about the future of eBE, that is a friendly politic for new players. I'm pretty sure we will see a lot of new players joining a wiped eBE if it happens. (Nobody would join us)

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,961, 07:05

We need a TW... why are you against a TW? It's good for EBE citizens, medals and stuff....

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