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Nova oruzija BOMBE I RAKETE!

Day 1,653, 01:44 Published in Serbia Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Little Beast

Evo sta su nam novo admini spremili!

This damage is counted only for influence bar and your battle damage. No rank points or experience points will be added for using these mass destruction weapons!
The weapons can be used in a period of 30 days, after they will expire.
Check your Storage to see how many weapons you have available and when is the last day you can use them.
Check your profile page after you used one of the weapons to see their history : when you used it and in which battle.

Ovaj dmg se racuna samo za influence bar (zid u bitci) i za tvoj dmg u bitci. Za koriscenje ovih oruzja nece se dobijati rank poeni i expirience poeni (poeni za level)!
Ova oruzja mogu biti iskoristena u roku od 30 dana.
Proveri magacin da vidis sa koliko oruzja raspolazes i do kada ih mozes iskoristiti.
Proveri svoju profilnu stranicu kad iskoristis neko od oruzja da vidis njihovu istoriju: kada si ga koristio i u kojoj bitci.

Evo sta su nam novo admini spremili!


prchar Day 1,653, 01:53

opsovao bih adminima kevu rumunsku : D

Cenda999 Day 1,653, 01:54

kad pre 🙂

dr..Gonzo Day 1,653, 02:11

Al prevod je vrhunski ; )

Little Beast
Little Beast Day 1,653, 02:14

da,da 😃

Little Beast
Little Beast Day 1,653, 05:46


MadSRB Day 1,653, 10:50


Mr QRCZEBLADE Day 1,653, 15:44

bomb rulez

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