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Nova misija: World campaign (nagrade)

Day 1,326, 08:35 Published in Serbia Serbia by guitarplayer2
Svetska kampanja:
Misiju možete rešiti do 1329. dana do 00:00 sati. (eRepublik vreme)
Morate da ubijete 30 neprijatelja u roku od 24 sata. (počeći sad)

Nagrade:10 strenght poena i jedan energy bar.

World campaign:
You can complete the mission until day 1329. 00:00. (eRepublik time)
You need to kill 30 enemies in 24 hours. (starting now)

Awards:10 strenght points and 1 energy bar.

Ako ne vidite misiju pritisnite Ctrl + F5 ili izbrišite "cache" u brower-u.
If the mission doesn't show up try push Ctrl + F5 or clean cache of your browser.


Snigl Day 1,326, 08:38

JOs 11 😛

nikol000 Day 1,326, 08:51

E sad zezi i cepaj

alexanad the great
alexanad the great Day 1,326, 09:07

ja ih ubio danas 37 i onda admin uveo nagradu, i sad moram jos 30 da bi mi vazila misija.

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