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Nov '12 Congress

Day 1,826, 03:08 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by yurigavin

No one can promise lower taxes or higher minimum wage, they are like they are for a reason and they should stay like this. What the eUK needs is good alliances, strong alliances. I also agree with Talon’s youth first approach to his next term as President. On foreign affairs, I strongly believe that we shouldn’t give eIreland Scotland; I believe this because its resources do not strongly benefit eIreland and it is a vital part of eUK. On the Training wars with eGermany and eBelgium, I believe that they were a success, and the feedback I have gotten from people about them is very positive.

Please vote and sub, comment your feedback, and most importantly vote for me on the day of the Congress Elections



Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,826, 07:16

With the recent changes to congress elections we're unable to vote for specific people, rather we vote for a party and their congress members are voted in according to what percentage of the votes they got - yurigavin is a member of TUP

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