Northern Ireland Policy

Day 5,852, 02:35 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

Fellow citizens

The government has reviewed its position on Northern Ireland after the unfortunate events at the beginning of this term, which resulted in the necessity to decide how to respond to the region coming back under our direct control.

We know that Ireland has been keenly interested in the new situation and wants to host a training war with another country in that region. However, as a core eUK region, it is for us to determine the ongoing policy for Northern Ireland.

The government is using Northern Ireland as part of our training war arrangements with Bulgaria and North Macedonia. We have therefore decided that this is the best arrangement going forward. We are making every effort to select attack options with these partners in other regions of our country where possible. We are confident that our military strength, with the support of our training war partners, is sufficient to maintain the status quo.

We ask the whole world to respect our decision regarding our core region of Northern Ireland and to do this as a mark of respect for the eUK’s past cooperation in relation to the region, which benefited numerous nations over the past few years.

We are open to future discussions with potential training war partners in the region, including Ireland, when all have had time to consider and share their thoughts and views on the region.

Country President