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Nora Šitum

Day 1,901, 15:47 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Srotzky

Nora Šitum has 5 years and 8 months. It is a special and very unusual human being. Those who know her, it will confirm. And those who do not know ... well, it had better acquainted!

Its small and carefree childhood is abruptly interrupted 1.12.2010. when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. That day turned our life upside down. That day has turned our lives into hell. That day began our struggle. The struggle for life.

We came to the Department of Pediatric Hematology and onkolgije UHC Zagreb, where she began consuming and painstaking therapy that lasted nine long months. From the very beginning, things have not gone smoothly since the 27th day treatment Nora ended up in a coma. Coma lasted for 11 days and even then, it was "written off". But wake up! I started all over again. Re-learning to walk, talk, eat ... It's strange little creature. Little creature with big heart and an even greater power! He did his therapy and went home on maintenance therapy. Slowly we went back to life. With a lot of pills, with lots of blood tests and control but we were home, we were together and it was almost healthy! So 10 full months until the damn disease has not returned. Suddenly, without warning, without preparation, cruel and insidious. And then ... all over again! Again hospitals. Again a shock. Again long chemotherapy. So 6 months. And everything went its course. Everything was good ... and then again! The disease had come back. To date a total of 3 times!

80% of children with leukemia are cured. Everybody gets his way of the cross, everyone has passed his passion, but one day, it fortunately remains just a bad memory.

Nora trick is unfortunately in the 20%. A strong as a lion. Or the terrible lion, she knows how to say.

For her there is no cure. Her doctors, hematologists kids on ribs, are wonderful people. They did everything. As for my lion, and for all other children. But they are just people, not gods. They have no more to give her. The disease has become resistant to all.

But as always there appears little light at the end of the tunnel, so we learn of a new method of treatment at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia), which is strongly echoed in the media a month and a half ago. Just when Nora received the last line of defense. Recent drug that could save her. But he did not.

We contacted the hospital in Philadelphia and the doctors have already submitted medical documentation. They are waiting for us and the time is our worst enemy as quickly leak and the disease has destroyed every day. In this condition, without treatment, can not live long.

Within 8 days should sit on a plane that will take us into a new battle. The most important one, the last one. Chest to chest, Nora Fora VS Leukemia. She can do it! If anyone can endure, it's your mom's a lion! It is our Nora Fora. You do not know you! But you have to know her. It's time to get after so many battles and war. She deserved. I will open the way to new methods of treatment. Would open the way his other children, and this percentage will be 100% cure and not 80%.

The problem, as always, money.

Treatment costs were 575 000 dollars. $ 3.3 million. The amount of which we are dizzy. We do not have ga. Help us, please! For Nora trick. For my mom's lava! All children who will, God forbid, be in this position. Let's move along the border!

And when we come back, you will see our Nora trick. Interestingly, it's a human being, I told you ... You'll see for yourself. We will win! Simple ... I must!

ALL DONATIONS OF CROATIAN AND ABROAD NOW DONATE TO THE ACCOUNT OF "CHILD Brave" (NORA is a member of that association) with the note is paid WHEN: about Nora!


VAT number 58243364080
Giro account of the bank
For payments from abroad IBAN: HR0423600001102209843

2340009-3110426252 (account owner Dana Atanasovski, mother)
Reference number 00 25052007
Nora Fora - Terrible Lion

Help Phone: 060 800 558 (£ 4.97 mobile, fixed £ 3.69)

Anyone that puts 10kn at the expense has already helped a lot ...

Nora is a 5 year old girl diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
There is not any more possibilities for treatments in Croatia so she has to travel to USA, Philadelphia. Costs of treatment are 575 000 U.S. dollars and her parents do not have that kind of money. If you are willing to help this little angel, with a symbolic amount at least, please do so on account:

IBAN: HR0423600001102209843
for NORA



Novarefuge Day 1,901, 17:03

Have you tried cannabis yet, it wont stop it, but it will slow it down, and will slow its return, if a return is to happen.

Saiwun Day 1,902, 02:55

May she be cured, just have faith!

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