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Day 4,619, 19:07 Published in Mexico USA by Hiram F1

eMexico is turning into a non return democracy, that is my first statement… and let me explain it. We have that we were organizing a “revolution” against the actual dictatorship, but we just had elections, and it seems to be that the thirst for revolution it is just going away, and it is doing it faster than I believed, the first sign is that our new president is pro dictatorship, and it will take a few minutes to know why… it is all about on looking the party of the actual dictator and the actual president, yes! they are on the same party. So basically this just means one thing, and it is that the dictator is getting more power, instead of losing it.

That is basically all you need to understand when you look on the eMexico situation, eMexicans are not really looking into going out of the crisis, they like it, they pursue it, since they have a dictator that is the best player in the country they feel this player is a god, and that we need this.

It is absurd how many players start to idealice the image of the dictator, as a great player, as the one that has us in a “good” situation and a “saver”, this guy or girl, it is just a player that is just playing for him or her, that is all, he or she does not even have any kind of empathy.

This “leader” is leading us to the new eMexico, where the community is dying and just a few of us won’t make any difference to fight this dictatorship.