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NKODAH - Food Giveaway [05.02.13] 1000 Health

Day 1,904, 08:55 Published in North Korea North Korea by Kim Young

Hello North Korea ,

Here is the seventeeth giveaway action of the North Korean Deparment of Armanent and Health!

-Vote the article
-North Korean citizenship

Comment the article and get food equal to 1000 health!

Additional Information

It will be great if you add members to your friend list in order to communicate faster. Friend request can be completed in few seconds and it can save us valuable time. For all information or help you can contact me via PM messages.

This is everything for now. We will keep you in touch with every single change.

NKODAH Members : Kim Young



Llama Llama
Llama Llama Day 1,904, 12:23


kunace Day 1,904, 13:38

v5 thanks~~

Markozlol Day 1,905, 08:55

Vote, not korean citizen but support anyway! Do not send anything \o/

Graefe Day 1,906, 07:27

Voted, keep up the good work, comrade!

Lolsporeguy Day 1,906, 10:05


Kum Jing
Kum Jing Day 1,915, 06:28


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