News from Asteria and LETO

Day 2,303, 01:27 Published in Greece Romania by Asteria HQ
Asteria HQ Elections

Asteria has a brand new HQ Team starting from yesterday.We had elections and each country voted voted their favorites. Lets thank Ekto and the whole previous HQ members for their time, energy and dedication into making things as easy as possible for us now.

After the votes counting MirceaDrac was announced as the new Asteria’s SG

For this term, Romania’s MoFa himself will assume the SG position, with a great team to support him to push the organization forward, to continue building up the alliance, and make our Asteria family shine.

First of all I would like to thank you for the honor of electing me as AsteriA SG. I’m sure that our team will do a great job and help all our members get to their goals. We are few but we rely on the people of the great countries of AsteriA and Leto. Our bonds are getting tighter as the path we are following is one of Brotherhood and Friendship. Together we walk into the bright future!
HAIL Asteria!

Here are the new HQ Members :

SG : MirceaDrac
dSG : Soy Malvinas
HPR : Bogohulja, FlorenciaC
dHPR : SmoothZiga
HMR : Didei
dHMR : paprika.jancsi
SG Assistant : elbandido
Public Relationships : SPQN

Wellcome China

When great countries like China are about to end a long neutral period and chose between two different blocks, speculations and rumors take place. With many eNations Diaspora members living under chinese CS, coming from both Asteria and Sirius, all scenarios were possible at some point not so many days ago.

We are proud and happy to Salute China, the 7th Asteria Star. They joined our Alliance as full-member.

France, Canda, LETO

Meanwhile in LETO, the sister-alliance, elections and arrivals also came along. We will came up later with more informations on the LETO elections part, thanks teXou for the work done until now as SG, and good luck to SPQN, the new one.

With a key geographical position in Western Europe, and having a common past as a reliable ally of Asteria countries like Serbia or Romania, “La France” is back, joining the Asteria’s side as LETO member. Along with France, another country joined LETO, and that’s Canada, a proud Nation of fighters, close friends with France and Portugal.

Welcome France and Canada.