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Newbie Tips and Q7 Weapons

Day 1,885, 11:40 Published in Ireland Ireland by Abel Mcfinn
Issue (5) 01/17/2013
Erepublik day 1835

In an effort to keep my support for newbie players please consider the following.
there is currently a deal in the special items where you can get 5 energy bars at 10% of the normal cost..... thats 90% off

you must use the following code
and go under gold and extras and you will see offer. after you click special items.

Special for my newbies..... for a vote and a sub I will send out 2 Q7 weapons for any player that is level 24 and below while supplies last... I have 50 for the give away

Want to find out more about newbie support and how to become self sufficient contact and join Irish Freedom Party

Furthermore the key is self sufficiency in many peoples opinion. let me share with you some of the ways to obtain some of this. right now you have a sale on upgrading companies

just a few days ago gold wass trading below the normal amount if you were to sell your IEP....normally if you place your IEP on the market for 0.003 gold you can obtain gold for 333.00 IEP

It is rare but occasionally things will get crazy I picked up gold for as little as 331.00 on the gold market a couple of days ago..... you must have the IEP to take advantage of this so
save save save.

Use gold to upgrade companies to more profitable commodities but do when on sale... or build a ton of raw material plants and you can sell on market....this does take time and patience but eventually you can build a bank and either sell IEP for gold or be poised for opportunity when its trading for far below the normal. raw materials is a good starting place for newbs. less cost to produce just your initial investment for company

Pleasse contact me directly for more details on this and remember to subscribe to get more tips for newbs

To a stronger Ireland
Abel McFinn


Cydp Day 1,885, 12:12


Abel Mcfinn
Abel Mcfinn Day 1,885, 12:15

Place vote number and sub number here in comments to receive weapons

Bilich Day 1,885, 12:27

v7 s48

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,885, 12:43

Fair play Abel, voted.

Domagojvu II
Domagojvu II Day 1,885, 14:00

v9 s49

Digitsss Day 1,885, 14:13

V10 and s50 🙂

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 1,886, 07:20

good points

CuFaoil Day 1,886, 14:02

vote 22 sub 53

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