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New Zealand, Chile and an Oportunity.

Day 1,841, 08:54 Published in New Zealand Uruguay by Leo de Salto II


Hello, today I will write about a very interesting offer for both, Chile and NZ.

Chile is wining his original regions again, and also, a way to connect, their land in Oceania with the land in South America, and to archive that, he need that NZ give him Auckland or Otago, so, I have been thinking that this could be a very nice for both nations:

When chile and NZ recover all their original regions, change, Otago with a region in Oceania that have some resource that NZ lack of. The best candidate would be New South Wales, it has Cattle and NZ has no region with it and Chile also has Tasmania with that resource.

And why Otago? Becouse it has Iron and NZ already has Iron in Canterbury.

With this exchange NZ would have 60% bonus for food, Deer, Grain and Cattle.


Hola, hoy vengo a hablar sobre una muy interesante oferta para NZ y Chile.

Actualmente, Chile está recuperando sus territorios originales en America del Sur y buscando una forma de conectar sus territorios de Oceanía con los de America. Para lograr eso, tiene que tomar prestados los territorios de NZ de Auckland u Otago.

Con este panorama se presenta una oportunidad muy interesante para ambos paises, mi propuesta es la siguiente:

Cuando Chile y NZ recuperen sus territorios originales, cambiar Otago por una región de Oceania con un recurso que NZ no posea.

Porqué Otago? Sencillamente porque NZ posee otra región con Iron, Canterbury.

Y cual región en Oceania? La mas apropiada sería New South Wales, posee ganado, un recurso que chile ya tiene en Tasmania y que podría dejar a NZ con un bonus del 60% en comida, con Venados, Ganado y Grano.


Chukamika Day 1,841, 09:11


Orchkan Day 1,841, 09:39

toda la razon !!! V+S

gonzzzo Day 1,841, 09:41

i like it!

AGM HELLFIRE Day 1,841, 10:01

wena V+S

anonimo1234567890 Day 1,841, 10:10

el tema es q no nos pueden atacar, orq son aliados, entonces la unica forma seria devolverle new south wales a australia (mediante un rw), y asi q NZ ataque new south wales, me encanta la idea

the issue is q we can attack, orq are allies, then the only way would be to return to australia new south wales (via rw), and so q attack NZ New South Wales, I love the idea

anonimo1234567890 Day 1,841, 10:25

sorry: cant, translate qlo of google

Frank Abbandando
Frank Abbandando Day 1,841, 10:38


Legendarium Day 1,841, 10:41

v10 s32 buena idea!!!

syd666 Day 1,841, 10:41

Sounds good, make sense and it's simple.... let's the experts to analyze...

El Bairon
El Bairon Day 1,841, 10:47

El único problem es que es territorio de los Aussis y les van a abrir RW siempre, lo mejor es que se arriende por una cantidad similar al del bonus, lo q tambien es conveniente para nz

Sathana Day 1,841, 10:48

[V] Ciertamente que es la mejor fórmula disponible en estos momentos, para atender a las necesidades estratégicas de ambos países.

felipipexd Day 1,841, 11:11

perfect, the two options are the best scenary for both countries, paying the region, or swap one region of aussies...voted 😃

kapash Day 1,841, 11:15

hail COT!

Leo de Salto II
Leo de Salto II Day 1,841, 11:27

Thanks to all for the comments ^^

@anonimo1234567890 you are rigth, I did not consider that detail, but i think it would not be a problem, australia by its own is quite weak compared to Chile + NZ

@elbairon si, pero de ultima tener muchas RW puede ayudar a los ciudadanos de NZ a volverse mas fuerte. Having several RW can make NZ players stronger

SR Alex
SR Alex Day 1,841, 13:46

o/ NZ

Guacolda Melian
Guacolda Melian Day 1,841, 16:53

i like it!

naxhi26 Day 1,841, 18:34

The number one reason why we would be attacked is because we have probably the only source of grain in this side of the world.
But anywho great article

CriMsoNFuRY Day 1,842, 06:15


Cucho18 Day 1,842, 06:49

Hail Chile!
Hail Nueva Zelanda!

Spud of Doom
Spud of Doom Day 1,842, 19:25

I don't mind the idea of lending Otago, but I'm not so sure about holding on to NSW. Our government is currently talking about this and will be in contact with Chile soon

BOUD1CCA Day 1,843, 02:34

I am sure NZ could hold on to NSW
I cannot see ANY problems at all

Brandon Inostroza IiSs Baack
Brandon Inostroza IiSs Baack Day 1,843, 04:32


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