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New Term's simple Foreign Affairs.

Day 1,055, 02:55 Published in New Zealand Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry
Howdy eIrish man and women, how are you doing today ?

My name is Paschoall, I'll be MoFA this term and today I'll try to point out some goals for the month and some facts so our citizens knows whats guiding our decisions this month:

>The main goals for eIrish's Foreign Affairs, when it comes to my desires are basically 2:

1- Diversification on our friendly relations with foreign countries. So this means extend our contact list and possible MPPs also.
This means any non-ONE, and non-pro-ONE country.
If you have contacts and/or desire to be an embassador this month. Sent a PM directly to me here.

2- Old brothers: The eIrish have been known as having tons of contacts all over the eWorld. A good example of that would be our current list of MPPs, all which were credited to last government, which had done a awesome job on that field.
I here would like to state that that line of MPPs should be kept with minimal changes. If anything, the quantom should increase, not decrease.
Of course this is, my goal. May not be what we can afford as a small nation.

> Facts and considerations:

- We've don't have to worry about eUK attacks atm (appart from this OFC). We're safe there. They are a constant threat. But confidential info I have indicates their Ministers and CP do not have a desire to bother us this month (apparently not what their congressman are thinking...) I might be wrong there. But thats what the facts point out to ... BY THE WAY, no Natural Enemies should be voted yes against eUK. Silly Congressman !
- Although I must say if we do engage in a battle with eUK, even thou it's very unnecessary and stupid for both countries globally, we will fight our asses off like the Irish always do. Because we are the fighting Irish FFS!

- Already standing partnerships and alliances shall be kept.
- We are right now searching for some interesting new alliances (at least new compared to last term's), be those military or economical, some of which are : eUS, eChina and eCanada. And some innovation : eBrazil, eArgentina, eNorway, eBelgium.
- Final conclusion: Currently eIreland is in a very comfortable position and the FA team is working so it can get even better. Hopefully with eIreland being a bigger player abroad.

Peacefully yours o7 ,
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Former MoDefence, MoFinance, MoHealth, MiIndustry Most trusted politician, 10x congressman, 4x CC (speaker of the house), ICA Commander, IDF soldier, IA soldier and a drunk



Irish Foreign Ministry
Irish Foreign Ministry Day 1,055, 03:24

Hello and Welcome!

Solaris Templar
Solaris Templar Day 1,055, 03:25

Hello and Welcome!

seanlynch Day 1,055, 03:29

Hello! Welcome to the eWorld. Many of our best citizen's are going down under, to the 2 island nation. I would like to take the time to say goodbye to them, and wish them welL! as for the rest of you New Zealanders buy Irish!

Cpl Useless
Cpl Useless Day 1,055, 03:43

I have a feeling Ireland and New Zealand will be very similar, should make for a grand relationship. Cheers!

Insaf Day 1,055, 03:51


T1nk3r Day 1,055, 04:24

What you get when you mix a kiwi with a shamrock? A rubbish salad. But that's okay, we'll just get drunk instead 🙂

moomoohead Day 1,055, 04:28

Good Luck NZ, but just do not take too many Irish.

JohnSmith 2K9
JohnSmith 2K9 Day 1,055, 04:37

welcome New Zealand

Franz Moehle
Franz Moehle Day 1,055, 04:42

moved from eIreland to here, im lovin it

amal3k Day 1,055, 05:00

o/ NZ

Jacques Cousteau
Jacques Cousteau Day 1,055, 05:09

Wellcome New Zealand. May the force will be with you, and good luck.

Ceilteach Day 1,055, 05:29

Welcome New Zealand!

John Gormley Day 1,055, 06:01

Comment deleted

Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,055, 07:23

Welcome to the eWorld New Zealand! 0/

Gaius Marcus
Gaius Marcus Day 1,055, 10:36

Thanks! 😃

Ginny Tory
Ginny Tory Day 1,055, 13:31

Thank you. 🙂

Michael Hook
Michael Hook Day 1,055, 15:43


John F Baker
John F Baker Day 1,056, 09:53

"On behalf of the Republic of eIreland i am honoured to welcome you to this eWorld on behalf of the Republic of eIreland."


Tribal Horde
Tribal Horde Day 1,056, 14:40

^ Dude, twice as important 😉

Blacklist Rose
Blacklist Rose Day 1,056, 21:53

Thank you for the welcome Ireland.

Mali Uskok
Mali Uskok Day 1,057, 02:08

Welcome to Aotearoa, Irish go back to USA 🙂

EmalS Day 1,057, 13:25


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