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New Saudi ambassador in Brazil

Day 1,908, 13:29 Published in Saudi Arabia South Africa by Farbous

Salam Aleykum brothers and sisters from eKSA,
Bom dia queridas brasileiras e queridos brasileiros,

For those who don't know me: My name is Hassan Salama, I am the current Saudi ambassador in Germany and from now on, also in Brazil.

I love Brazil, I lived there for a few years in my childhood, till I moved to France. I hope that we can establish a good cooperation between our two countries.

I want to give you some facts:

President: ChaingunMAX

Vice-President: H U L K

Minister of Defense: BigBoss77 and Fellipe Dias da Silva

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Suriatex and Toboco

Minister-President: Hummerman

Minister of Education: ASPF

Advisers: ASPF, eTravis.Bickle and Hummerman

The five most important parties:

1. Thunder (23%)

2. Partido Militar (20%)

3. S.P.A.R.TA (20%)

4. O.D.I.N (17%)

5. ARENA (17%)

Hassan Salama
Saudi Ambassador in eGermany
Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs


mwatin Day 1,908, 14:13

Very good Congratulations

Anonymus Hungarus
Anonymus Hungarus Day 1,909, 09:31


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