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New Players! Why the AFA is not in your best interests!

Day 1,816, 16:09 Published in USA USA by Scott Spezio

Hello friends, countrymen (and countrywomen), and fellow eRepublik players. Welcome to the first edition of Hardball, brought to you by the one, the only, the freshest, Scott Spezio.

I'm going to jump right into the subject. New players, listen up. The political party known as AFA is a Serbian PTO (political takeover) organization with none of the eUSA's best interests in mind.

Let's discuss the background, and why you should NOT, EVER vote for ANY AFA candidate.

For as long as this game has been around, the eUSA's most bitter enemies have been then eSerbs and the eHungarians. One way to defeat an enemy in eRepublik is through a PTO. In a nutshell, a PTO is when a hostile group (could be foreign or domestic, but it is usually foreign) gains control of a country's congress or presidency. They will then be able to exert their will over the country. Examples include bogus MPPs, emptying the national treasury, or simply allowing the country to be divided up among their home nation and allies.

So where does the AFA fit in with all of this? The AFA, my friends, is a group of Serbs and other enemies of America trying to take over the United States in such a way. Don't be fooled. Their message may sound nice, but it is, in fact, completely wrong.

Well, what is their message? They'll come and tell you that they're trying to free the eUS from control of "elites". That is patently false. The politics, government, and military of the eUSA is accessible to all players. In fact, if you're new and reading this, I would recommend you join a political party (not AFA!) and military unit. I'll use my own here as examples, and shameless plugs. I belong to the Federalist Party, and I'm a member of Easy Company, the most badass MU in the game. Joining up allows you to receive food and weapons, as well as access to the players who have a hand in running the eUSA on a daily basis.

Quick summary:

1) Don't join the AFA, they're Serbian PTO artists.

2) If you want to get involved in the eUSA, it's easy. Just join a non-AFA party and MU, and message your superiors/party leaders!

3) The AFA is LYING to you. Don't believe a word of it.

Additionally, if any newbies have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or to shoot me a PM.



Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,816, 16:21

this is boring already

Fabio Robota
Fabio Robota Day 1,816, 16:46

I would suggest you to use some bold & italic, as well as figures. It helps to beat the TL;DR attitude 😛

Apart from that, any article talking about how miserable AFA people are is a good article. V & S.

fingerguns Day 1,816, 17:15


This article literally cannot be written enough times. Well done!

stewy Day 1,816, 19:38

one of the better "first articles" i've read. good job scott o/

bigcdizzle Day 1,816, 21:28

Great stuff, vote and sub.

Fabio is right, as well as using applicable pictures. They help bring people's attention to your points.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,817, 00:55

Great first article!, voted and subbed, keep up the great work : )

jmurrib21 Day 1,818, 23:11

I liked your first article. Voted and Subscribed. Good luck.

RebelBlood Day 1,818, 12:37

Good first article, voted. Liked stated above, just a couple pics would have made this article great.

hardcore240 Day 1,818, 14:57

Not that I don't disagree that the AFA is attempting some sort of PTO for whatever reason, it's always good if you can back up accusations with factual evidence. Otherwise just coming out and making statements about how wrong someone is makes you look uninformed and that much less likely to be believable as a source of information. That's sort of general though, which is why many people will believe you. The rest will believe the AFA so I guess it's a toss up whichever way you choose.

GameChanger Day 1,818, 18:30

I don't disagree that AFA is trying to destroy your country. However, that's isn't such a bad thing for us

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