New Party- British Honour Party

Day 543, 05:54 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by demokratickid

Hail and well met! My name is demokratickid, party president of the British Honour Party. We rise from the ashes of an old political party, and we hope to have a bright future. Below you will find our political manifesto:

A proposal to eUK

The British public has invested much confidence, and rightly so, in their system of government. What if, however, that government could be improved? What if that government could make our great nation into a great rock of solidarity amongst the community of nations? We of the British Honour Party propose to do just that, and we invite the great British public to help us in our endeavor. eUK has a bright future indeed, and cooperation is mandated in the realization of it.

Policies Domestic...

On England's green and blessed shore, and for that matter the whole of eUK, there are certain issues which must be addressed. The first and foremost of which is unemployment. The embarrassing rate of unemployment in our nation is one of the worst in eRepublik. The Ministry of Work under John Forseti has done much to employ our people, but with only five companies and only three of them staffed, it is simply not enough. With our economy recovering after the recent wargames debacle, we can begin to focus on remaking the economy. The government made the right step toward helping the common citizen when they issued a voluminous amount of GBP. What must be done is increase the budget so more eUK citizens can be employed. If the government companies are inadequate to support the number of workers, more companies should be bought from private citizens and converted into government-owned companies. With this larger base to employ eUK citizens, our workforce will become more skilled and allow our economy to grow. This will be paid for by the eventual profits made from the companies, and will over time return profits to the treasury. If the need for a company is reduced or it has served its purpose, it should be sold off and the money deposited back in the treasury. We of the British Honour Party are not proposing a big-government takeover or control of industry; we are simply using the government as a large springboard for the economy. Plus, profits would result in a tax break for the citizens of eUK.
Now, to avoid the favoring of one industry over another, and thus destabilizing the markets, the companies should be spread out in breadth. If a government controlled company has too many employees at one, it could encourage a ‘transfer’ of some to another company through various means. The second point is of immigration. eUK is the fourth-largest nation in eRepublik and growing rapidly.
We of the British Honour Party resolve to increase further the size of eUK. Thus, a new ministry would be created called the 'Ministry of Immigration.' It would not be like the former Ministry of Migration, where inter-eUK migration was encouraged, it would be for extra-eUK migration. The weight on the government as a financial burden should be relatively small, as ambassadors could conduct the immigration drive within their own sphere.
We of the British Honour Party are in favor of abolishing the House of Lords unless there are serious changes made to their structure, most especially about how active Lords have to be.

…and Foreign

And now, for foreign policies. Recent shady arms deals and possible cheating have only strengthen the resolve of the BHP to reassess war in the eUK. While Romania is currently receiving a beating at the hands of PEACE allies, it is not the job of eUK alone to jump in the line of fire and sacrifice ourselves at the behest of Romania. We are allies in ATLANTIS, though, so we must honour our contracts and help them whenever possible. However, at most times, a time of watchful waiting is in order. On day 541 of the new world, Romania lost three key battles which may spell ruin for that country. The eUK must be prepared to make attempts to extricate itself from that alliance if it fails.
We of the British Honour Party, though firm in our support for ATLANTIS, do propose to open cordial relations with other PEACE nations that we currently don’t have an ambassador for. For instance, Japan, Italy or the United Netherlands.
Recently, North Korea has been added to the game and there are all sorts of machinations going on in that country. We of the British Honour Party propose to leave them alone, with no political maneuvers or otherwise. We don’t want a second Czech Republic.


We of the British Honour Party hope you have read our manifesto and understood our principles, our desires for a better, stronger, and more economically sound eUK. If you read this and share our views, please join us and our party. Thank you for taking the time to read our manifesto.

Most sincerely,

demokratickid- President of the British Honour Party