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NEW: occupier tax [edit 2]

Day 2,187, 06:35 Published in Russia Germany by eisenmutter2

in real life you occupy wallstreet - in erepublik wallstreet occupies you


the tax is imposed on the revenue of the country A if some of its regions are occupied by country B

this means:
-the tax the country A generates is taxed
-when the coutry A itself occupies a region of a country C and gains more boni (=higher productivity) the gain in tax because of higher boni will be taxed by the occupier tax of country B too.
but A also gets tax from country C that won't be object of the tax they pay B
-when the coutry A itself occupies a region of a country C and gains no more boni the revenue of country itself A will not increase (not more tax will be send to occupier B ) but A also gets tax from country C

-> occupier countries now benefit from occupying regions that bring no extra boni

-> occupier countries benefit from occupied countries gaining productivity (due to higher boni) if it results in higher tax revenue

-> occupied countries on the other hand do not only lose boni and with this productivity and tax revenue if they lose regions to the occupier. now the lower tax revenue they generate will also be taxed - meaning part of their income will be send to the occupier.

-> until now for borrowing regions the borrower country paid money (lender gets money). now borrowing regions from other countries will result in getting money (lender gets his tax revenue taxed).

-> small occupied countries struggling with costs of their MPPs until now - now will lose big part of their taxes making it much more difficult to pay MPPs (or Combat Orders) needed to fight their oppressors

-> saving your country with an airstrike to an other region of the world will -if all your core regions are occupied- result in you paying 80%of your taxes to the occupying country. just imagine a 10/10 boni country in exile (with no core regions) losing 80%of its tax - or just look at croatia losing nearly all their tax to serbia...

will dealing with organisations on monetary market become biggest source of income for small countries now?



M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,187, 06:41

That don't make me happy. 😛

vgc2 Day 2,187, 06:47

не вотаю, бо не по русски писано ...(

eisenmutter2 Day 2,187, 07:00

sorry... i could do german!

lorne11 Day 2,187, 06:51

интересно, это уже официально?

lorne11 Day 2,187, 07:06


Edna Uebel
Edna Uebel Day 2,187, 07:43


данкэ, ду зерь гут бэшрибэн.
их аух вурстбльатт зубскрибирт.

eisenmutter2 Day 2,187, 08:13

даc иcт зерь жoeн. зo аллэ 10 аpтикэл кoммт аух ваз лэзбapэc

Rican Day 2,187, 09:57

I have seen the end !

eisenmutter2 Day 2,187, 10:49


CheetahCurtis Day 2,187, 13:40

No! No pictures of David Cameron!

eisenmutter2 Day 2,187, 14:31

there was no other picture with this message in the internets (where i looked)

Tenzue Day 2,187, 22:21

I ♥ eisen :3

eisenmutter2 Day 2,188, 14:45

(see reply to Armageddon07 Day 2,188, 13:55)

it's nice that quite many people* who got supplies from Sponsors Trust still play the game/at least login from time to time

*considering that in some samples of newbies all of the sample (!) die in less than 5month

Armageddon07 Day 2,188, 13:55

Well done)

eisenmutter2 Day 2,188, 14:38

nice to see you still playing o7

Armageddon07 Day 2,188, 22:37

Yes, even Plato with his "great" improvements can't kill my interest in the game:)

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