New month, new leaders, new vision.

Day 1,021, 09:21 Published in Serbia China by Donnie Bronco
Dear friends,

It is a new month and we have many new faces in Phoenix. At the same time Presidents are elected, outgoing administrations cast their vote for the Phoenix leadership team for the coming month. Without further ado then, I would like to announce the team:

Secretary General Team: Mr Woldy, Baltazar8, tmv23
Supreme Commander Team: Dermont, KTTRS, Raigirdas, Ernesto
Department of Internal and Foreign Affairs: Battalgazi, ParsSercan
Treasurer: Iain Keers (me again)

Before I go on, I’d like to explain to our new citizens the roles and functions of each job. Sometimes we forget that as new citizens join and read our articles for the first time, they might not wholly understand the purpose of each position.

Secretary General is the main leader of the alliance. In their official capacity, the SG team makes decisions for the whole alliance, and organises votes if necessary. They also have leadership powers over the other elected positions, in the unlikely event people don’t agree. SG is kind of an arbiter between countries as well, so if there are disagreements over where interests best lie, the SG will try to bring the dispute to a conclusion.

Supreme Commander is the military leader of the alliance. The SC team organises battle data, prepares and deploys national armies and if necessary directs battles. The SC team is usually made up of older players who have served many terms as MoDs or commanders in their own countries. They are well respected and the alliance usually defers to them on military issues.

DIFA is a new position, which is concerned with both the internal well-being of our allies, and the external relations with the new world as a whole. They help mediate within the alliance, support national governments, organise Anti-Take Over efforts and of course organise the entry of new members into the alliance, if necessary.

The Treasurer of the alliance organises the payment of dues to Phoenix, measures and assesses the health of the global economy, records data concerning all relevant countries (i.e. Not Ireland) and a whole host of other less fiscally related matters which I won’t go into.

So- we have a new month, and new challenges. In many ways, momentum can be a tough thing to challenge, and all of erepublik is still being swept along by momentum from v1. We are still spending and fighting as if the same priorities we had in v1 still apply today. To put things in perspective, I will give you an example. The province of Liaoning, in Serbia, was once assessed to be worth around 250g a day in tax to Phoenix, as well as being the main supplier for all of our weapons. In the current climate, no country on earth produces 250g a day from all their regions combined. Global active population has dropped drastically, in some cases we are approaching less than 20% of the pre-disaster population levels. Financially, the globe has taken an even bigger hit, with the two major alliances combined taking less than 1000g in income some days. This is compared to an average income of perhaps eight to nine thousand a day combined pre-v2.

This reduction in circumstances shifts the focus of war. In past times, we had to worry first and foremost about supply, raw materials and regions. Now, we must focus on population, retention and recruitment. Without a large active population, high regions are largely worthless. Without a large, active military, they are indefensible. EDEN faces these problems as surely as we do- their relative silence on the matter only shows that they are still working towards conclusions we came to over a month ago. War needs to change, and Phoenix needs to be there doing it first, if we are to maintain our position as the strongest, most unified alliance.

In this game, strength is not measured by gold, or by regions. It is measured by will power, and the desire to win. A small country with a focused and determined population can overcome a much stronger adversary. I speak now to you, the citizens, our members. When the Phoenix alliance was formed, each of your countries signed a charter which stood for brotherhood, for friendship, and as a concrete promise that we would stick together through all the difficult times eRepublik could throw at us. That brotherhood does not just exist between countries and offices, but between the citizens of those countries, the people who make our alliance real and meaningful.

Each of you is a brother, and in the month to come that brotherhood will be tested to the extreme. Remember, together we are strong, separated we are weak. We have so much work to do, but I am confident that we will triumph. Because we always do. Because we are the best. Because of you.

Best wishes,

Iain Keers
& the new Phoenix team