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New Missions - Day 1577

Day 1,577, 03:44 Published in Romania Romania by Milanezu

New missions have arrived at our doorsteps (and even though I know this is elbandido's job, I'll take the risk)

It won't be looking least not for now, but hopefully it will be informative

Mission 1:
Loyalty is rewarded!

Work in 7 different days
Train in 7 different days
Defeat 25 opponents per day in 7 different days.

Rewards: 3 gold and 15 strength points

Mission 2:
Help a new citizen!

Donate 100 currency to a citizen below level 20.

Rewards: 10 xp

Mission 3:
Get two times stronger!

Increase your strength with 150 points.

Rewards: 150 strength

Mission 4:
Let's do some damage!

Requirements: Inflict a certain amount of damage depending on your strength and rank points

Rewards: 10% of the required inflicted damage rank increase + 25 strength

Mission 5:

Defeat 300 opponents by fighting in resistance wars.
Use weapons to defeat them faster!
Fight in 5 different resistance wars.

Rewards: 30 strength points + 3 bazookas

Enjoy your day lads and lasses



Le Qordevila
Le Qordevila Day 1,577, 03:52


Rodrigo de Jesus Mendes
Rodrigo de Jesus Mendes Day 1,577, 03:55


Fredrikstadtilian Day 1,577, 03:56

mene majka grahom puca

Big Mazi
Big Mazi Day 1,577, 03:56

Mission 5?

Milanezu Day 1,577, 03:57

@Big Mazi: will let you know later on...takes a while until I load 2mil damage 🙂

T.V.S.T.Z. Day 1,577, 03:57


Mr.TurK Day 1,577, 03:59


cerclo Day 1,577, 03:59


dracones4ever Day 1,577, 03:59

i don't want new missions.....i want them to fix the bugs

Slayer85 Day 1,577, 04:00


Annihilator10 Day 1,577, 04:01


Milanezu Day 1,577, 04:01

@normekk: we all want that

LEFKADIAN Day 1,577, 04:01

Thanks mate

EFELL Day 1,577, 04:02


DACIA NEMURITOARE 2 Day 1,577, 04:03


MoshuXXL Day 1,577, 04:04

Bravo pentru articol. In sfarsit un articol care imi foloseste.

Milanezu Day 1,577, 04:10

@lefkandia: cheers mate and you welcome

Milanezu Day 1,577, 04:11

@MoshuXXL : Multumesc si ma bucur pentru ca ti-e de folos

Okit4 Day 1,577, 04:12

thx for the info

Ante-os Day 1,577, 04:28


RIP Bogdan
RIP Bogdan Day 1,577, 04:36

v o7

Milanezu Day 1,577, 04:36

@novi17: any time glad that I can help
@Ante-os: cheers mate. returned your favor for the eSerbia article 🙂

Extra info: the 25 strength points received in mission 4 will be taken in consideration for mission 3

LeereTraume Day 1,577, 04:38


Malakir Day 1,577, 05:00


Bynarr Day 1,577, 05:12

Cand devine available misiunea 5?

bogdan100 Day 1,577, 05:17

dupa ce faci misiunea 4 probabil

CarolineMT Day 1,577, 05:22

Eu não tenho essa missão 5. Cadê?

Milanezu Day 1,577, 05:37

@Bynarr : Cum a zis si bogdan100, dupa misiunea 4
@CarolineMT : Ele vem depois de missão 4

Gen. Cristian
Gen. Cristian Day 1,577, 06:30

ba da nu e nici unu sub lvl 20 pe aici

Zgjlm Day 1,577, 08:00


Hatthor Day 1,577, 11:13

@gen. Cristian: Sunt mai batran da' poti incerca cu mine...Si-n loc de 100 nu vreau decat 10 da sa fie gold... : )))

Catatumbo Day 1,577, 13:55


hondy72 Day 1,578, 10:57

@Milanezu: you're wrong!

Milanezu Day 1,578, 11:39

@hondy72: da stiu si imi cer scuze pentru greseala / I'm aware of my mistake and I apologize for it

the 25 strength gained from mission 4 does not apply to mission 3 (the only strength taken in consideration is the strength received through training and from daily tasks bonus)

cipax23 Day 1,578, 16:38

milanezu, nu e corect sa nu se puna acei 25str ca si cei 30 de la misiunes 5 caci tot o recompensa sunt exact ca acel /acei 1 sau 5 str primiti zilnic.
adica sunt in aceeasi oala dar adata se pune si alta data nu.
astea sunt principii de rahat a celui care gandeste misiunea erep dinainte de lansare.
cine poate sa faca in 3 zile misiunile 4 si 5 are si gold sa faca in 4 zile misiunea 3 cu str-ul.
nu conteaza 3-10 zile ci corectitudinea prin care se informeaza/deruleaza.
''Strength means more damage! Train every day! si Increase your strength with 150 points.''
nu vad nici un only train pe undeva. iar daca nu ma antrenez 1-3 zile dar prin antrenament fac 150 tot fac misiunea, asta e de tot rahatul ca si concept, foarte multe lacune si interpretari.
eu fac misiunile dar astia mai mici... pentru ei e mai benefic sa dea de gust si poate varsa ceva eurici in joc dar cine sa gandeasca logic ca zici ca sunt parlamentari romani astia carecreaza si supervizeaza misiunile. celelalte misiuni sunt foarte clare, asta......

Milanezu Day 1,578, 16:48

@cipax23: ai dreptate, dar nu avem ce face decat sa speram ca se vor arde odata si vor intelege ca nu pot sa isi bata joc constant de noi.

partea ciudata e ca initial cei 25str erau programati sa fie luati in considerare, modificarea facandu-se intre timp. Era de asteptat de altfel, avand in vedere ca toate modificarile din ultima vreme au scopul de a creste circulatia gold-ului in joc (ar fi fost culmea ca misiunile sa se abata de la tipar)

zmeuNY Day 1,583, 02:17

Mission #3 is impossible to achieve for beginner and intermediate players. That was such a waste..and I think those strenghts you gain from the other missions should have been combined. Either way, it's very tough to get to 150 in 10 days when you can only +6 every day and +35 every 5 days. If you can only train 5 per day, the most you could do is 70 str. Just not a cool mission for me.

zmeuNY Day 1,583, 02:26

So if you can only train 5 strength per day you will never get to 150 even if the strength from Missions 1-5 is added, and here's why:

10 days -> Organic Training (5 per day) = 50 str.
10 days -> Work & Train daily bonus = 10 str.
10 days -> Training bonus every 5 days = 10 str.
TOTAL Organic Training = 70 Strength

Mission #1 = 15 str.
Mission #2 = 0 str.
Mission #4 = 25 str.
Mission #5 = 30 str.
TOTAL Mission Bonus = 70 Strength

So, this turns out to be bull dookie.

Milanezu Day 1,583, 14:06

@zmeuNY: I guess the missions were made as some sort of compensation for investing those 20 gold in upgrading your training grounds (which, even though I do not agree with, is a necessary least for the 1st type of training, if, I'd also say for the second one with 0.19 gold ). Without those, it is impossible to accomplish it as you've mentioned.

What will happen is that the deadline will be extended ( 80% chances) so that the users that did not upgrade their training ground still have a chance.

On overall though, the whole trend of eRepublik now is to increase gold circulation in order to increase its importance and therefore the need for it, so for those 20%, I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happens.

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