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New medal idea - Disciplined Soldier

Day 2,439, 08:22 Published in Argentina Georgia by The Georgian Knight
This is an idea about new medal: Disciplined Soldier.

We live very selfish Erepublikan lives, where gold rules our e-lives, there are plenty of players fighting only for Freedom Fighter and True Patriot medals or COs. The fact is that CO doesn't last forever and Countries' Governments found out the difficulty to direct the influence where is most needed without COs. There are plenty of unimportant battles with overkill (>70%) so I think is needed a counterbalance medal to FF and TP medals.

To get FF medal you need at least 325 kills (rounded for one cycle of 24 medals and not all RWs successful), to get TP medal you need approximately 1000 kills (I don't know the average Erepublik hit but let's say for 50k/hit and 2 hits/kill => 1000 kills for TP), to get Mercenary medal you need 1250 kills.
Disciplined Soldier is awarded when a player kills 600 opponents fighting for his country's CoD (Combat of the Day), near CoD every player will have a counter like the one for Daily Mission. This medal will make alliances count again and add importance to the CP's presence in game.

We all know that Erepublik entered in a disintegration age where all alliances are almost dead and lots of absent CPs win elections. This medal will revive alliances, CoD will really matter and will discourage individualism that characterize lots of players, making them hit in important battles.

Please share your opinions in comment section and maybe admins will use one of our ideas to bring back team play in this game.



Pedrito is Dark Side
Pedrito is Dark Side Day 2,439, 08:28

Yep, true. Nice idea.

granata23 Day 2,439, 08:37

not a bad idea,but will never happen.
ticket factories aswell
plato is just a greedy old bastard

Incitator Day 2,439, 08:38

interesanta idee 🙂 Day 2,439, 08:47

write a ticket about this , so they would consider the idea

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Day 2,439, 12:34

Thank you for your suggestion, I wrote a ticket, now the ball is in their court 🙂

makedonec 21
makedonec 21 Day 2,440, 03:07


Thank you very much for taking time to send us your suggestions. We will take into consideration your opinion and we will see how we can implement these ideas to the current game strategy.

Have a nice day ahead,
Your eRepublik team

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Day 2,440, 04:29

I know 3 players who submitted tickets regarding this idea 🙂 thank you for your support

Bugy B
Bugy B Day 2,439, 08:48

Nice idea.

Nicolae Crefelean
Nicolae Crefelean Day 2,439, 08:51

Doing the right thing will never get anyone a medal, epecially when medals such as th FF and Mercenary makes it relatively easy to wander around the e-world and fight personal gain. And all this time Plato gets money from people who actually want to win fights, so we just have to live with it, even if it sucks.

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Day 2,439, 12:09

But if all will fight where is needed, more tanking will be needed as well.

Konnik Pahoni
Konnik Pahoni Day 2,439, 08:51


Konnik Pahoni
Konnik Pahoni Day 2,439, 08:51

BUT I think the number of kills should be bigger.

granata23 Day 2,439, 09:22


The Anaconda
The Anaconda Day 2,439, 08:54

Good idea, but this would mean Plato will have to give out money... No chance I'm afraid

Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 2,439, 09:06


TheTrendoReborn Day 2,439, 11:03

or maybe increase the reward from daily order?

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Day 2,439, 12:11

Daily order is 25 kills, easily achievable with bigger regeneration every week.

makedonec 21
makedonec 21 Day 2,440, 03:05

Daily order 100 kills
reward 2 energy bars will be nice 🙂

calinovb Day 2,440, 04:29

More than 25 kills is hard for smaller player, and makes them increase level too fast.

But they could do different types of DO, more kills needed for bigger rewards.

Of course, the player could collect only one of those rewdrs per day.

Manel Hortalica
Manel Hortalica Day 2,440, 13:02

Actually, if you're the captain of an MU, when you select an order, there are two bars for you to choose options, one for the battle and another for the reward, but the reward bar doesn't allow you to select anything else... A nice idea would be make another reward to select, so MUs would organize their regiments and have young players do the small order with the small reward and elite players with the harder order and the bigger reward...

Juampi Stola
Juampi Stola Day 2,439, 11:11


nicolas grandolio
nicolas grandolio Day 2,439, 11:42

gastate en ponerlo en castellano pa, donde te pensas que vivis en yankilandia

Piolun Day 2,439, 12:25

I thought about the medal that counts only kills for <60/55% @ battle counter..

elfore Day 2,439, 13:01

no dejes la propuesta ingame, ponlo en el subforo militar de el foro de erepublik oficial:

Dacnemuritor Day 2,439, 13:02

nu vrea Plato sa faca nici macar diviziile dupa strenght, tu visezi cai verzi pe pereti!

Jack Pirate
Jack Pirate Day 2,439, 14:03

Your idea would be very wellcome.
They should make more collectables... and we could win them when making the DO. Like rockets and houses. Put hospitals and defense systems to work as well.

I n f 0 r m e r
I n f 0 r m e r Day 2,439, 14:11

Great Idea 🙂

cochoperez Day 2,439, 15:12

nice idea

rosariocanalla Day 2,439, 15:38

nice idea

Panificadora Torino
Panificadora Torino Day 2,439, 15:39

idea explendida--convencelo a plato


Javier M Anastasia
Javier M Anastasia Day 2,439, 17:06

Muy buena idea Cosmin o/


Asuntos Internos
Asuntos Internos Day 2,439, 20:05

ni idea

akdemico85 Day 2,439, 20:38


La leyenda
La leyenda Day 2,439, 20:57

Great idea!

nikolaosnikolaosnikolaos Day 2,439, 22:28

free gold from plato yehhhh 🙂


Waruda Day 2,439, 22:49

If my MU could set DO anywhere maybe this would work.

ion-voda Day 2,440, 00:22

good ideea and i agree some ppl-the number of hits need to be greater; but no chance for an ideea against plato's interest.

Sawayne Day 2,440, 01:21

sustin ideea!


costin1989 Day 2,440, 01:22

they can just improve the DO in order to get 1 EB for every 25 kills, or to add the same reward for CoDs:
get 1 EB for every 25(or any other number) kills on CoDs fight

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Day 2,440, 01:53

It would be too many EB, with greater regeneration every week, 25 kills it is very easily achievable.

Euphkevanos Day 2,440, 03:40

He writes 25 or any other number kills, he didn't say 25.

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,440, 01:26

Meth - not even once

Beautiful idea

makedonec 21
makedonec 21 Day 2,440, 03:07

i like it 🙂

o logikos
o logikos Day 2,440, 03:10


KTZ HOOD 43 Day 2,440, 03:17

Great idea, dude 😃

nkrsystem Day 2,440, 03:22


But to be honest plato will not read that ticket for sure...

Many of the reply messages from the support team are pre-made just to reply without any attention.

Glamche Day 2,440, 03:22

o/ Great idea but the admins are deaf to good ideas 😉

Vasilis888 Day 2,440, 03:23

v189 for sure..
maybe you are right maybe you are not..a try will convince us..

Thanasis Klaras
Thanasis Klaras Day 2,440, 03:25

I like it!

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 2,440, 03:27

The idea is good BUT this game is almost dead. The feeds are empty, the media is empty, no actual politics, no battles as you can see, and the economy sucks. First this game needs some new players, maybe some advertisment from eRepublik itself. This is more important than a medal.

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