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New Map Review

Day 1,903, 21:42 Published in USA Bulgaria by DrAlchemy

Just some hours ago I received a message from the Erepublik administrators about how I was getting the new map they've been raving about, with more and more players receiving the maps in the coming weeks.

suffice it to say I am mixed about the new fetaure. Let's take a look.

It's definitely... different, and somewhat welcome to me.

right now both the relief and simple map overview seem a bit dodgy with the animations always displaying but since this is beta, i'll forgive them of that.
here's a looksie.

here's a better view of the map with annotations describing different functions

1.zoom in button.
2.zoom out button.
3.brings up the global mini-map in the top left corner.
4. brings up the layers/ overlay options to pick from. display any info you want simply by check marking it.
5.instantly takes you back to your home country/ region or state.
6. raises daily order given to you and allows you to check the province on the new map
7.yellow dots represent country capitals.
8.explosion symbols represent live battles.
9.that arrow on the right middle map brings up the last region you clicked and its relevant data.

that should be all the info that's there now. I'm guessing that as more and more players get the new maps then maybe glitches/ more features may be fleshed out.

feel free to shout and spread this article around.

vote/sub and comment this article within the week it's posted and I'll give 40 Q5 tanks to one lucky winner.



ppavee Day 1,904, 05:50

v3 old sub

zako soldier
zako soldier Day 1,904, 18:18

V6 S33

Butrintum Day 1,905, 03:03

v9 s35

zako soldier
zako soldier Day 1,911, 23:14

Bravo 😎

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