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New Map for eRepublik

Day 1,896, 14:20 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by CrackShotNZ

Today all Military Commanders recieved access to the new Map Beta.

The map is located on the home page above the daily order module. The basic layout looks like this:

And once all the menu bars are open like this:

At a glance it seems like it could be handy for seeing exactly how campaigns are going and bringing a better understanding for newer players due to few of them looking at the previous World Map module.

As the mail from Plato above stated this will be rolled out to all players within a week of now.



Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 1,896, 14:42

Nice article!

Zyqax Day 1,896, 17:34

Looks great!

Trento96 Day 1,896, 21:38

What are cities?

CrackShotNZ Day 1,897, 03:18

With cities selected the map has some of the major RL cities marked on the map within each region.

Straxinja Day 1,897, 12:03

Cool, party presidents got it too! o/

Trento96 Day 1,897, 15:23

"As an active public figure, this invitation will give you the opportunity to evaluate the new map and give you hints about the future of the political module of eRepublik."

CrackShotNZ Day 1,897, 18:27

hmm upgardes to the political module... Should be interesting to see how this new map ties in with it all.

EternalLightStream Day 1,898, 01:04

hmm....i don't think it will be useful for longtime...

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