New eUSA weapons program! Presenting the ABS Program!

Day 5,357, 01:29 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior
Hello eAmerica. Vice here with some exciting news!

Congress has recently approved a new monthly budget to include funding for a new eUS Q5 Air Weapons Program. Submitted for your approval, The Aerial Bombing Supply Program.
Or ABS for short.

This new program will distribute Q5 Air Weapons during specific Real War eUS battles only. Similar to activating Combat Orders, the program will be activated with little or no prior notice during crucial moments in air battles. The idea of the program being to increase eUS air damage output when needed.
The beginnings of the ABS Program will be going through some test periods. As of now the weapons will only be distributed on Discord in eUSA's military coordination and information channel #battle-orders For now, the minimum required Air Rank to qualify to receive weapons from the program will be Group Captain, as we experiment with what will work best. Only verified accounts will receive weapons. Any participants who receive weapons will have their damage output in the specific battle monitored. Any participants who are not putting out the damage we expect, or sell the weapons, will be banned.

Discord Link:

See you in the air!

- Vice President, Arrden